Black Dynamite
Eddie Booker

Weight: Welterweight to Light heavyweight
Manager: John Burdick

Est. Pro record: 68-5-9

Eddie Booker is another of the often-ignored black fighters that campaigned in the United States during the 1930's and 40's. A slick boxing defensive stylist with decent power in both hands -- particularly the left hook-- Booker beat some of the better fighters of his time.

An accomplished, title-winning amateur around his adopted home town of San Jose, Eddie Booker was popular with the fans from the minute he turned professional under the management of local boxing guru John Burdick. Although his pilot was often criticised for being far too selective when considering opponents for his charge, Eddie did his part by defeating most of the men that were put in front of him

With a well-developed and muscular physique, Eddie Booker had the strength and ability to 'mix-it-up' when the chips were down and was happy to either fight or box -- he genuinely loved to be in the ring. Compared by some to heavyweight great Jack Johnson in regards to his ability to catch a punch and deliver a blow in the same motion with the same hand, Eddie was a methodical, conservative workman who used his mind along with his fists.

He was unbeaten in his first 44 bouts, then lost back-to-back decisions to Fritzie Zivic and Cocoa Kid. He rebounded with a string of knockout victories before taking time out during 1940 due to badly damaged hands.

Victories against some of the better west coast battlers, such as the Hogue twins, Bobby Birch, and Lloyd Marshall earned him a world-ranking and a crack at the California State middleweight title, which he lost over 15 close fought rounds to the brilliant Jack Chase. A match with the legendary Charley Burley never materialised with Eddie confessing to a sparring partner that the Burley was "Just about the best there is out there."

In his last year as a professional fighter -- despite rapidly deteriorating eyesight -- Booker scored knockouts over Paul Hartnek (a heavyweight) and Archie Moore. A points victory over classy Holman Williams wrapped up a nine-year, 83-fight career for the unheralded and long forgotten Booker.

Considered a perfect gentleman in and out of the ring, it has been said that Eddie Booker was not only the tragic victim of racism in boxing, but also of the seedier, slimy underbelly of the professional fight game. An incident in the ring involving a doctored pair of gloves led to terrible eye injuries that just would not heal. Eddie lived his remaining years blind.

          Pro Record

Early record is incomplete.
Fights from 1935 & 1936 are results from press clippings

       Hank Lewis                                                  KO
       Johnny Mateo                                                KO  2
       Joe Pablo                                                   KO   
       Johnny Natalie                                               W   
       Johnny Bassinelli                                            W   
       Johnny Natalie                                              KO   
       Johnny Bassinelli                                            W   
       Tommy O'Dell                                                 W   
       Mickey Barker                                               KO  4
       Johnny Foster                                               TK  1
       Billy Azevedo                                               TK  4

       Horatio Velha                                                W 10
       Jimmy Wakefield                                              D 10
       Jimmy Wakefield                                              W 10
       Gail Harrington                                              W 10

After an enforced layoff of several months, Booker returned to 
the ring in 1937. His record up to that point was 27-0-3

Jan 26 Remo Fernandez             San Diego, Ca                     W 10
Jul 14 Johnny Bassinelli          San Francisco, Ca                KO  9
Aug 27 Gaston LaCadre             San Francisco, Ca                KO  9
Oct  8 Jackie Burke               San Francisco, Ca                 D 10

Mar  3 Andy Callahan              San Francisco, Ca                 W 10
Jun  9 Al Manfredo                Fresno, Ca                        W 10
Jun 24 George Salvatore           San Francisco, Ca                KO  7
Jul 17 Carlos Miranda             San Diego, Ca                    KO  3
Nov 19 Dem Wakerlis               New York, NY                      W  6
Dec  9 Lou Raymond                New York, NY                      W  6
Dec 20 Oscar Suggs                New Haven, Ct                    KO  3

Jan  2 Unknown Morgan             New Haven, Ct                    KO  1
Jan  9 Oscar Suggs                New Haven, Ct                    KO  3
Jan 25 Holman Williams            New York, NY                      D  6
Feb 10 Fritzie Zivic              New York, NY                      L  8
Mar  9 Cocoa Kid                  New Haven, Ct                     L 10
Oct  3 Carlos Garcia              San Jose, Ca                     KO  3
Nov 13 Henry Majcher              San Francisco, Ca                KO  7
Nov 28 Ray Vargas                 San Francisco, Ca                KO  2
Dec 19 Bobby Pacho                San Francisco, Ca                 W 10

Apr  9 Bobby Pacho                San Jose, Ca                      W 10

Feb  4 Chester Parks              San Jose, Ca                     KO  1
Feb 12 Milo Theodorescu           Oakland, Ca                       W 10
Feb 26 Archie Moore               San Diego, Ca                     D 10
Mar 14 Willis "Shorty" Hogue      San Diego, Ca                     D 10
Apr  4 Freddie Dixon              San Diego, Ca                     W 10
Apr 25 Leon Zorrita               San Diego, Ca                     W 10
May  2 Willis "Shorty" Hogue      San Diego, Ca                     W 10
Jun 16 Johnny Diaz                San Francisco, Ca                KO  8
Jul  8 Jimmy McDaniels            Los Angeles, Ca                   W 10
Jul 18 Charley Harris             San Diego, Ca                    KO  6
Jul 26 Charley Simpson            San Jose, Ca                      W 10
Aug 11 Henry Chmielewski          San Francisco, Ca                KO  6
Aug 19 Jimmy McDaniels            Los Angeles, Ca                   W 10
Aug 22 Willis "Shorty" Hogue      San Diego, Ca                     L 10
Dec  1 Billy Connerty             Billings, Mt                     KO  3

May  1 Johnny "Bandit" Romero     San Diego, Ca                     D 10
Jul 14 Castillo Cruz              Oakland, Ca                       W 10
Aug 14 Willis "Shorty" Hogue      San Diego, Ca                    KO  8
Aug 24 Isidoro "Izzy" Jannazzo    San Francisco, Ca                 W 10
Sep  4 Bobby Birch                San Diego, Ca                     W 12
Sep 17 Willard "Big Boy" Hogue    San Diego, Ca                    KO  3
Sep 28 Lloyd Marshall             San Francisco, Ca                 W 10
Nov    Jimmy McDaniels            Hollywood, Ca                     W 10
Dec 11 Archie Moore               San Diego, Ca                     D 10

Jan 11 Jack Chase                 San Francisco, Ca                 L 15
          -Middleweight Championship of California
          This was the first 15-round bout in California
          in 28 years
Aug  9 Harry "Kid" Matthews       San Francisco, Ca                KO  5
Oct 18 Van McNutt                 San Francisco, Ca                KO  5
Nov 19 Holman Williams            San Francisco, Ca                 L 12

Jan  5 Paul Hartnek               Oakland, Ca                      KO  6
Jan 21 Archie Moore               Hollywood, Ca                    KO  8
Feb 20 Frankie Nelson             Oakland, Ca                       W 10
Mar  6 Holman Williams            San Francisco, Ca                 W 10

*** Thanks To Harry Otty For Providing The Record And Biography ***

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