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As of February 4, 2001
Muted Machismo In Miami
by Barry Stephen Hanley.
Hector Camcho Sr. and his Son, Hector Jr., headlined the HBO's KO Nation Card, held at The Level Nightclub deep in the heart of South Beach, Miami. Camacho Sr. fits right in at South Beach, the hippest haven for decadent nightlife in the nation. A host of luminaries were present for what the press had billed 'Mucho Macho Madness'. Miami Heat Basketball star, Alonzo Mourning, Rock Star, Lenny Kravitz, Sammy Sosa, and even old "manos de piedra" Roberto Duran were all present.

This fight was one of the few where a father and son have appeared on the same bill. Camacho Jr. was headlining. Jr. is a gifted southpaw with impressive power and hand speed. He will have his work cut out for him in the future, however, in the 140-pound division which is stocked to the brim with talent.

The night got off to a tame start with Camacho Sr. squaring up to journeyman, Troy Lowry from St. Paul, Minnesota. Camacho showed flashes of past greatness throughout the fight, frequently landing with sharp left hand leads. In the 1st, he was warned about his trademark grabbing behind the head while whipping in short, sharp uppercuts.

Lowry, a plasterer by trade, made it fairly obvious from the outset that his punches wouldn't knock snow off a rope. He was content just to be in the same ring as the legendary Camacho, veteran of 79 pro battles and former World Champion. Senior is 15 pounds heavier than his prime fighting days and it showed in a decrease in his once blinding speed.

In the fourth round, Camacho flopped to the ground from a Lowry dig delivered to the back of his head. This was for the Ref's benefit though, not because he was hurt. A point was deducted by Senor Armando Garcia.

The 'fight' went the full 10 rounds with Camacho easily winning every round primarily with a snappy left hand that Lowry just could not parry. Lowry was heard to proclaim "10 rounds baby, Not bad for a white boy." Hardly the words of a worthy opponent.

Camacho, on the tail end of a bitter divorce, explained how his love for the game had been rekindled by the emergence of his son as a legitimate contender. And how he wanted to "pass the torch, so that the Camacho's would live forever". He also claims to harbor a desire to fight for a world title in May in what will, hopefully be his swan song.

The 12-round main event pitted Hector Camacho Jr. against "Rocky" Martinez. Junior entered the ring to the music of deceased 'Boriqua' rapper Big Pun's anthem '100%'. He wore a gold glittery, furry pair of shorts that would become the story of the fight. His opponent across the ring sported a green hairdo and resembled an aztec leprechaun. Martinez was also well tattooed with one of the Virgen de Guadalupe particularly noticeable. Camacho Jr. is 22, 5 feet 7 and 140 pounds. Martinez is 30, is the same stature and weighs in at 137 and a half pounds.

Michael Buffer gave his traditional holler, signaling the beginning of the 140 pound barney. Referee Bill Connors, made it abundantly clear that he would tolerate no crap whatsoever.

The first round set the tone for the fight. Camacho Jr., fighting out of the Southpaw stance, landed powerful left hand shots at will. He moved cat-like around the ring, and like his Dad, appeared comfortable and at home between the ropes. Martinez took the punched well. He showed himself to be a wily old campaigner, the type that are difficult to put away.

Upon observance of Jr., it is clear that he draws his power from a pair of solidly built legs, very similar to those of Naseem Hamed. In the 3rd, he rocked Martinez with a solid right hook. Martinez came back swinging though. He wasn't about to lie down for the night.

The 5th round began a bizarre sequence as the glitter from Camacho Jr's shorts began to stick on to his gloves. Consequently the glitter ended up in Martinez's eyes. Ref Connors, looking cranky, sent Jr. to his corner to get rid of the stuff that was derailing the momentum of the fight. Junior stopped the hiatus with a rapid barrage of left hooks followed by a low blow which didn't improve Connor's mood.

As the fight wore on it became clear that Martinez had too much ring lore for Junior. His wily tactics made him awkward and prevented Junior from showcasing the talent that he has.

The bout went the distance. Junior also claimed a unanimous decision. A mediocre performance from the Camacho Clan.

He will have to hone his skills before he faces either Zab Judah or Kostya Tzyu, the big dogs of the 140 pound division.
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