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Black Dynamite
Jack Chase

Born: Isaiah James Chase, Texas 1917
Died Washington, 1972

Height: 5ft 8in
Weight: Welterweight to Light heavyweight

Managed by Babe Shosky (Colorado) - Johnny Kelloff (California)

Another of the solid West Coast fighters campaigning throughout the 1930's and '40's Jack Chase appeared to have something of the devil about him. Starting out as a teenager fighting in the tough mining town of Walsenburg, Colorado he stretched out an unbeaten run of some sixty plus fights before losing to South African Eddie Pierce.

With close to half of his victories coming via the short route this Rocky Mountain socker proved that he could box as well as punch and by 1937 Young Joe Louis, as he was calling himself, was rated in the top ten in the country by the Ring magazine. Unfortunately for him a seemingly unstoppable march towards higher honours and greater recognition came to an screeching halt when the young fighter found himself caught up in a 'situation' and ended up paying his debt to society in a Colorado prison cell. Further misfortune befell him upon his return to ring action in 1941 when opponent Roy (Jack) Gillespie died as a result of a knockout blow. After one more fight in the Rocky Mountain region Young Joe Louis took himself and his eighty-something record to California where he became Jack Chase.

During the '40's the professional fight game on the West Coast could boast some of the best fighters in the United States - if not the world and the new arrival soon found himself trading leather with Archie Moore, Eddie Booker, Lloyd Marshall, Tiger Wade and Charley Burley. A veritable 'Who's Who' of 1940's black fistiana.

Chase quickly established himself and won the California State Middleweight title by defeating Eddie Booker over fifteen rounds. He then lost and re-won the title in two bouts with the inimitable Archie Moore. Two successful defences against Lloyd Marshall were notched up before Jack ran into the great Charley Burley. Chase was stopped twice by the Pittsburgh great in two title fights and lost an earlier encounter on points.

Chase beat some of the top names in the game at the time, but two guys he just couldn't beat were the aforementioned Burley and the sadly neglected Holman Williams who topped Jack on four separate occasions.

Early in 1944, a shooting incident involving fellow middleweight 'Tiger' Wade had him in the news for reasons other than fighting -- although Wade recovered sufficiently to continue with his career. Jack put some more hurt on Wade a few months later when he knocked him out in ten rounds.

After losing his state middleweight title to Charley Burley, Chase won the state light heavyweight crown in a match with Watson Jones over fifteen rounds. After 1944 however, the number of bouts and the number of victories began to dwindle; losses to Archie Moore and the solid 'Oakland' Billy Smith finished him as a top-flight attraction. What is noticeable about the record of Jack Chase is the absence of practically all of the big-name white fighters at middleweight and even light heavyweight. As with the rest of the black fighters around during the same period, fighting amongst themselves was the only way for these long-forgotten boxing stars to make a living.

Pro Record

        -Chase fought under the name of "Young Joe Louis" until 1942


        -Early record is incomplete; Up to 1936, Chase was reportedly 
         unbeaten in 48 fights

       Lee Medina                 Walsenburg, Co                    W 10
       Mike Montoya               Walsenburg, Co                   KO  6
          -Reportedly for the Welterweight Championship of Colorado
       Johnny Johnson             Walsenburg, Co                    W 10
       Richie Pree                Victor, Co                        W 10
       Joe Skube                  Colorado Springs, Co              W 10
       Joe Jaramillo              Pueblo, Co                        W 10
       Joe Garcia                 Pueblo, Co                        D 10
       Mike Montoya               Antonite, Co                      W 10
Sep 15 Jackie Burke               Walsenburg, Co                    W 10
Sep 24 Richie Pree                Alamosa, Co                       W 10
       Battling Chico             Walsenburg, Co                   KO  1
       Dixie Taylor               Sidney, Ne                       KO  6
       Kid Cannon                 Pueblo, Co                       KO  5
       Billy Azevedo              Trinidad, Co                     KO  7
       Carl Aker                  Denver, Co                        W 10
Nov 28 George Black               Denver, Co                        W 10
       Eddie Murdock              Gallup, NM                       KO  7
Dec 18 Eddie Pierce               Denver, Co                        L 10

Jan 25 Eddie Cerda                Las Vegas, NM                    KO  5
Feb  2 Joe Jaramillo              Pueblo, Co                        L 10
Mar 30 Gail Harrington            Los Angeles, Ca                   W  6
May  4 Ralph Chong                Detroit, Mi                      KO  5
May 21 George Black               Detroit, Mi                       L  6
       Phil McQuillan             Walsenburg, Co                   NC  7
       Teddy Williams             Walsenburg, Co                   KO  1
       Joe Jaramillo              Alamosa, Co                       W 10
       Mose Hammond               San Luis, Co                     KO  4
Sep  1 Bobby Cortez               Antonite, Co                     KO  4
          -Some sources report "KO 3"
Sep 30 Sammy Weise (Weiss)        Pueblo, Co                       KO  1
       GeGe Gravante              Salt Lake City, Ut               LK  4
       Bobby Cortez               Colorado Springs, Co             KO  3
       Chief Ballard              San Luis, Co                      W 10
       Chief Ballard              Pueblo, Co                       KO 10

        -Chase was inactive due to serving a prison term at 
         Canon City Prison, Co

Aug 31 Roy "Jack" Gillespie       Denver, Co                       KO   
          -Gillespie died 3 days later as a result of this knockout
Oct    Billy Prior                Denver, CO                      SCH   
          -Middleweight Championship of Colorado;
           Pryor reportedly forfeited the title by failing
           to make the weight for a 10-round bout
Nov  7 Billy Prior                Denver, Co                        L 12
          -Middleweight Championship of Colorado;
           Some sources report "D 12"

        -Fought as Jack Chase from 1942 until the end of his career

Jan 23 Lalo Rodriguez             Hollywood, Ca                     W  4
Jan 26 Roscoe Smith               Ocean Park, Ca                    W  6
Feb 13 Tony Canelli               Hollywood, Ca                    KO  5
Mar  6 Costello Cruz              Hollywood, Ca                     D  6
Apr  2 Bernie Cardenas            Pasadena, Ca                      W  8
Apr 24 Costello Cruz              Hollywood, Ca                     W 10
May 13 Jorge Morelia              Long Beach, Ca                    W  8
Jun  5 Costello Cruz              Hollywood, Ca                     W 10
Jul 13 Jimmy Brooks               Ocean Park, Ca                    D 10
Jul 21 Big Boy Hogue              Los Angeles, Ca                   W  8
Aug  3 Bobby Birch                Los Angeles, Ca                   W  8
Sep 29 Bobby Birch                Los Angeles, Ca                   W  8
Oct 16 Tabby Romero               Hollywood, Ca                    KO  8
Oct 23 Sebastian Gonzales         San Diego, Ca                    KO  1
Nov  6 Costello Cruz              Hollywood, Ca                     W 10
Nov 17 Amado Rodriguez            Los Angeles, Ca                   W 10
Nov 27 Archie Moore               San Diego, Ca                     L 10

Jan 11 Eddie Booker               San Francisco, Ca                 W 15
          -Middleweight Championship of California
          This was the first 15-round bout in California
          in 28 years
Jan 26 Jackie Byrd                Los Angeles, Ca                  KO  5
Feb  2 Costello Cruz              Portland, Or                      D 10
Feb 19 Charley Burley             Hollywood, Ca                     L 10
Apr 19 Leon Zorrita               Ocean Park, Ca                   KO 15
          -Middleweight Championship of California
Apr 30 Jimmy Garrison             Portland, Or                      D 10
May  8 Archie Moore               San Diego, Ca                     L 15
          -Middleweight Championship of California
Jun 11 Billy McCoy                San Diego, Ca                    KO  6
Jun 20 Aaron "Tiger" Wade         San Francisco, Ca                 W 10
Jun 29 Miguel Madero              Los Angeles, Ca                  KO  3
Jul 28 Harry "Kid" Matthews       Hollywood, Ca                     W 10
Aug  3 Archie Moore               San Francisco, Ca                 W 15
          -Middleweight Championship of California
Aug 24 Jimmy McDaniels            Seattle, Wa                       W 10
Oct 11 Paulie Peters              San Francisco, Ca                 W 10
Oct 19 George Henry               Stockton, Ca                      W 10
Nov  8 Lloyd Marshall             San Francisco, Ca                 D 15
          -Middleweight Championship of California
Nov 26 Archie Moore               Hollywood, Ca                     L 10
Dec 13 Lloyd Marshall             San Francisco, Ca                 W 15
          -Middleweight Championship of California

Jan 29 Costello Cruz              Portland, Or                     LF  4
Feb  4 Holman Williams            San Francisco, Ca                 L 10
Feb 21 Holman Williams            San Francisco, Ca                 L 12
Mar 27 Kid Hermosillo             Denver, Co                       KO  1
Mar 29 Paul Lewis                 Oakland, Ca                       W 10
Apr  6 Charley Burley             Hollywood, Ca                    LK  9
          -Middleweight Championship of California
Apr 27 Holman Williams            Denver, Co                        L 15
May 24 Holman Williams            Oakland, Ca                       L 12
Jun 28 Aaron "Tiger" Wade         Oakland, Ca                      KO 10
Jul 19 Paul Lewis                 Oakland, Ca                       W 10
Jul 31 Jimmy Hayden               San Francisco, Ca                 W 10
Aug  9 Aaron "Tiger" Wade         Oakland, Ca                       D 10
Sep  1 Larry Anzalone             Hollywood, Ca                    KO  1
Sep 11 Charley Burley             San Francisco, Ca                LK 10
Sep 30 Lloyd Marshall             Hollywood, Ca                     L 10
Oct  9 "Oakland" Billy Smith      San Francisco, Ca                 W 10
Oct 20 Cocoa Kid                  Hollywood, Ca                     L 10
Dec  1 Kid Hermosillo             San Diego, Ca                    KO  6
Dec 12 Watson Jones               Los Angeles, Ca                   W 15
          -Light Heavyweight Championship of California

Jan  3 "Oakland" Billy Smith      Oakland, Ca                       L 10
May 25 Titus Hawkins              San Diego, Ca                    KO  5
Jul 17 Kenny Watkins              Los Angeles, Ca                   L 10
Aug  7 Kenny Watkins              Los Angeles, Ca                   L 12
Nov 23 Kenny Watkins              Hollywood, Ca                     W 10

Jan 11 Bobby Zander               Los Angeles, Ca                   W 10
Feb 22 "Mad" Anthony Jones        Los Angeles, Ca                  KO  7
Apr 12 Bobby Zander               San Francisco, Ca                 D 10
Aug 30 Kenny Watkins              Hollywood, Ca                     W 10
Sep 13 Jimmy Coleman              Hollywood, Ca                     W 10
Oct 18 Costello Cruz              Portland, Or                      W 10
Nov  6 Archie Moore               Oakland, Ca                       D 10

Jan 16 Ray Augustus               Topeka, Ks                        L 10
Mar 18 Archie Moore               Los Angeles, Ca                  LK  9
Jun  9 "Oakland" Billy Smith      San Francisco, Ca                 L 10
Aug 26 "Deacon" Logan             Denver, Co                       KO  5

Apr  6 Johnny Janis               Portland, Or                     KO  2
Jun 22 Bobby Ward                 Portland, Or                      D  6
Jul  3 Jack Snapp                 Fairbanks, Ak                     L 10
Aug  3 Eddie Keller               Portland, Or                     KO  5
Aug 20 Joe Love                   Merrill, Or                      KO  2
Aug 31 Henry Lee                  Portland, Or                      D  6
*** Thanks To Harry Otty For Providing The Record And Biography ***
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