Dick Curtis
(the "Pet of the Fancy")

BORN   February 1 1802; Southwark, London, England
DIED September 16 1843; Southwark, London, England
WEIGHT 126-133 lbs

Curtis was a speedy, skillful fighter and considered to be one of the greatest lightweights of the Prize Ring days; For skill, finish, straight and swift hitting, he was incomparable; Dick was unbeaten during his career except for his final contest; His brothers, John and George, were prize ring fighters too

During his career, among those he defeated were Barney Aaron, Jack Teasdale, Ned Brown, Peter Warren, Dick Hares and George Phillips

Curtis is to be inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2007

Jun 27 Watson                     Moulsey Hurst, Eng                W   
Aug 28 Ned Brown                  Wimbledon Common, Eng             W 15
          -This bout was held near "Maidstone, Eng"

Oct 24 Lenney                     Moulsey Hurst, Eng                W 29
          -Some sources report 10/22/21

May 26 George Cooper              Epsom Downs, Eng                  W  7
          -Some sources report 3/23/22
Jul 23 Peter Warren               Colnbrook, Eng                    W 10

Apr 16 Peter Warren               Moulsey Hurst, Eng                W   
          -Some sources report "D"
Jul  8 Peter Warren               Blindlow Heath, Eng               W  1
          -Some sources report "Crawley Downs, Sussex, Eng";
           Some sources report "Crawley Hurst, Eng"

Apr 13 Dick Hares                 Shepperton, Eng                  ND   
          -This bout was scheduled but stopped;
           Police intervened
May 25 Dick Hares                 Mousley Hurst, Eng                W  3
          -Some sources report "W 2";
           Some sources report "W 20" at "Shepperton Range, Eng" 
Nov 23 Barney Aaron               Warwick, Eng                    SCH   
          -Curtis received forfeit

May 19 Peter Warren               Fishwick's Booth, Eng             W  5
          -Some sources report "Epsom, Eng";
           Some sources report "W 6" at "Epsom Downs, Eng"
Jul  9 Peter Warren               Warwick, Eng                      W  7
          -Some sources report 7/19/25
Aug  5 Ned Savage                 Castle Tavern, Eng                W   
          -Some sources report "W 16" vs "Edward Savage"

May 16 Ned Stockman               Highgate Archway, Eng             W   

Feb 27 Barney Aaron               Andover, Hants, Eng               W  9
          -This fight was held on a stage
Oct 19 Jack Teasdale              Egham, Eng                        W 17
          -Some sources report 10/09/27;
           Some sources report "W 16" on 10/09/27
           vs "Jack Tisdale" at "Staines, Eng"

Jan  2 George Philips             Blackfriar's Road, Eng            W  5
          -Some sources report 1/22/28
       George Philips                                               W   
Dec 30 Jack Perkins                                                 L 11

*** Some Data Was Provided By Hunter Claypatch ***

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian,
International Boxing Research Organization
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