Bert Gilroy
(Antonio Rea)

BORN    May 10 1918; Airdrie, Scotland
(Fought out of Coatbridge, Scotland)
DIED June 2 1998
HEIGHT  5-8 1/2 (Some sources report 5-9)
WEIGHT  155-188 1/4 lbs
MANAGER Tommy Gilmour Sr.

Bert Gilroy was a skillful, talented 1st class boxer with knockout potency in both fists; He was a game and willing fighter who was Middleweight and Light-Heavyweight Champion of Scotland from 1938-50; Bert lost 12 of his first 34 bouts but then went unbeaten in 41 bouts, from mid-1937 until early 1943

In fact, from mid-1937 until the end of his career in 1950, Gilroy tasted defeat only 13 times out of his next 85 contests, fighting some of the greatest fighters Britain and Europe had to offer; Seven of these contests met with question or controversy in either the decision or circumstances surrounding the fights

About the time Bert reached his peak in 1939, World War II broke out and boxing interest became secondary; Many historians feel it cost Gilroy an opportunity to win a world title !

Gilroy was a victim of "Boxing Politics" and found himself at odds with British greats, Ernie Roderick, the fearsome Jock McAvoy and world Champion Freddie Mills for title bouts and "title eliminator" bouts that never happened; Bert was effectively shut-out; Such is, at times, the unfortunate and unfair nature of the sweet science we call Boxing

During his career, Bert tangled with such men as Ben Valentine, Arthur "Ginger" Sadd, Glen Moody (Welsh champion and brother of Frank), Jack "Froggy" Hyams, Freddie Mills, Bruce Woodcock, Marcel Cerdan, Don Cockell and Stephane Olek; Gilroy is a member of the World Boxing Hall of Fame - class of 2006.

       Mick Cassidy               Airdrie, Scot                     W  6
       H. Donnachie               Airdrie, Scot                     W  6
Dec  2 H. Smith                   Airdrie, Scot                    KO   

       Jim Gans                   Hamilton, Scot                    W  6
       Chick Harkins              Hamilton, Scot                   KO  2
       Bobby Spiers               Glasgow, Scot                     W  4
       Battling Mooney            Glasgow, Scot                    KO  1

       Pat Slavin                 Edinburgh, Scot                  KO  3
       Johnny Morgan              Edinburgh, Scot                   L 10
       Jimmy Barr                 Edinburgh, Scot                  LF  5
       Billy Downey               Belfast, Northern Ire             D 10
       Bobby Donaldson            Edinburgh, Scot                  LK  3
Nov 15 Johnny Clements            Hamilton, Scot                   LK  3
Dec  2 Tosh Martin                Edinburgh, Scot                  KO  1
Dec 20 Dave McKay                 Glasgow, Scot                     W  6

       Jim Brady                  Belfast, Northern Ire            LT  5
       Eddie Edwards              Bath, Eng                         W  6
       Dave Clarkston             Glasgow, Scot                     W  6
       Jim Toner                  Glasgow, Scot                     D  6
       Tom Sayers                 Glasgow, Scot                     W  6
       Jacky Morgan               Glasgow, Scot                     W  6
       Bobby Lees                 Glasgow, Scot                     L  6
       Al Valerio                 Glasgow, Scot                     D 10
       Johnny McKay               Glasgow, Scot                     D 10
       Tommy Burns                Glasgow, Scot                     W 10
       Tommy Smith                Kirkcaldy, Scot                   L 10

       Al Valerio                 Glasgow, Scot                     L 10
       Pat Gillin                 Glasgow, Scot                    KO  5
       Tom Doyle                  Belfast, Northern Ire            KO  3
       Mick Hassan                Glasgow, Scot                    LK  1
       Pat Cowley                 Glasgow, Scot                     W 10
       Frank Erne                 Glasgow, Scot                     L 10
       Dan Gillespie              Glasgow, Scot                    LK  3
       Tommy Smith                Glasgow, Scot                     L 10
       Pat Collins                Kirkcaldy, Scot                  KO  4
       Jack Sharkey               Belfast, Northern Ire            KO  5
       Pat Cowley                 Belfast, Northern Ire             W 10
       Jacky Morgan               Glasgow, Scot                     W 10
       Jim Mount                  Glasgow, Scot                    KO  8
       Tiny Celphane              Kirkcaldy, Scot                  KO  4
Dec 28 Pat Cowley                 Belfast, Northern Ire            KO  7

       Tommy Henderson            Glasgow, Scot                    KO  2
       Tommy Burns                Coatbridge, Scot                 KO  5
Mar 11 Jim Mount                  Glasgow, Scot                    KO  4
Mar 23 Walter Rankin              Perth, Scot                      KO  5
Mar 25 Mick Hassan                Glasgow, Scot                     W 10
Apr  8 Bushman Dempster           Glasgow, Scot                     D 10
Apr 11 Pat Cowley                 Belfast, Northern Ire             W 10
       Jack McKnight              Belfast, Northern Ire             W 10
May 10 Roy Mills                  Leith, Scot                      KO  6
Jun 11 Johnny Clements            Coatbridge, Scot                 KO 10
          -Middleweight Championship of Scotland - Elimination Bout
Jul  2 "Battling" Charlie Parkin  Kettering, Eng                   KO  4
Sep 27 Tommy Smith                Glasgow, Scot                     W 15
          -Middleweight Championship of Scotland
Oct 13 Paul Schaeffer             Edinburgh, Scot                   W 10
Dec 25 Ken Robinson               Edinburgh, Scot                  KO  6

Mar 29 Paul Schaeffer             Glasgow, Scot                     W 10
Apr 22 Jacky Morgan               Portobello, Eng                  KO  6
May 10 Ben Valentine              Glasgow, Scot                     W 10
May 22 Jack Cooline               Coatbridge, Scot                 KO  1
Jun  7 Johnny Clements            Glasgow, Scot                    WF 13
          -Middleweight Championship of Scotland
Jun 28 Arthur "Ginger" Sadd       Glasgow, Scot                     D 10
Nov 20 Roy Mills                  Sunderland, Eng                   W 10
Dec  6 Len Harrison               Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Eng         KO  2

Jan  3 Roy Mills                  Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Eng         TK  6
Mar  6 Arthur "Ginger" Sadd       Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Eng          W 12
          -Middleweight Championship of Great Britain - Elimination Bout
Jun 10 Jock McAvoy                Manchester, Eng                 SCH   
          -Middleweight Championship of Great Britain;
           Gilroy broke his pelvis bone while on military
           maneuvers; The bout was cancelled

          -The bone became septic and Bert did not box
           for a year; Upon his return in 1941, he quickly
           attained the #1 ranking which he held until
           1948 yet never received a title shot

Jun 28 Jock McCusker              Glasgow, Scot                    KO  3
Jul 25 Charlie Knock              Glasgow, Scot                    KO  3

Mar 12 Glen Moody                 Glasgow, Scot                    KO  7
Sep 24 Arthur "Ginger" Sadd       Glasgow, Scot                     W  8
Oct  8 Walter Rankin              Derby, Eng                       KO  3
Oct 15 Charlie Knock              Liverpool, Eng                   TK  6
Oct 31 Paddy Roche                Dublin, Ire                       W 10
Dec  2 Jack Hyams                 Soho, Eng                         D 10

Jan 11 "Battling" Charlie Parkin  Ripley, Eng                       W  8
Jan 13 Pat O'Connor               Soho, Eng                        KO  3
Jan 21 Jim Berry                  Sheffield, Eng                    L 10
Feb  3 Dave McCleave              Soho, Eng                        LF  2
May 29 Pat O'Connor               Brentford, Eng                    W 10
Jun 10 Johnny Kilburn             Glasgow, Scot                    KO  6
Jun 21 Ben Valentine              Leicester, Eng                    W  8
Aug  7 Ray McIntyre               Glasgow, Scot                     W  8
Sep  1 Pat O'Connor               Soho, Eng                         D 10

Jan 13 Noel Wagener               Liverpool, Eng                   TK  4
Feb 16 Freddie Mills              London, Eng                      LT  8
Mar 13 Jim Berry                  Leicester, Eng                    W  8
Mar 29 Pat O'Connor               London, Eng                      KO  5
May 10 Dave McCleave              Soho, Eng                         L  8
May 11 Pat O'Connor               Birmingham, Eng                   W  8
Jun 19 Bruce Woodcock             Leicester, Eng                   LK  6
Aug 12 Glen Moody                 Cardiff, Wales                    W 10
Sep 21 Lucien Courtois            Liverpool, Eng                   TK  2
Oct 30 Pat O'Connor               London, Eng                       W  8
Nov  2 Ben Valentine              Liverpool, Eng                    W 10
Dec  6 Jim Berry                  Leith, Scot                       L 10
Dec 14 Jim Berry                  Glasgow, Scot                     W  8

Feb 19 Vince Hawkins              London, Eng                       L  8
Feb 28 Pat O'Connor               London, Eng                       W  8
Mar 15 Jock McCusker              Glasgow, Scot                    KO 15
          -Light Heavyweight Championship of Scotland
Aug 16 Lucien Courtois            Liverpool, Eng                   TK  2
Nov 29 Ken Shaw                   Glasgow, Scot                     L 15
          -Heavyweight Championship of Scotland
Dec 26 Pat O'Connor               Belfast, Northern Ire            TK  1

Apr  8 Bruce Woodcock             Manchester, Eng                  LT  2
Jun 12 Ben Valentine              Glasgow, Scot                     W  8
Dec 23 Billy Mason                Dundee, Scot                     KO  5

Jan 29 Al Marson                  Dundee, Scot                     KO  2
Feb 11 Marcel Cerdan              London, Eng                      LK  4
May  2 "Battling" Joe Igo         Aberdeen, Scot                   KO  1
Jun 19 Harold Anthony             Glasgow, Scot                    KO  2
Aug 30 Ben Valentine              Aberdeen, Scot                    W 10

Jun 25 Stephane Olek              Johannesburg, Gauteng, SA        LK  4
May 14 Johnny DeVilliers          Durban, KZN, SA                   W 10

Feb  9 Jock Todd                  Glasgow, Scot                    KO  8
          -Light Heavyweight Championship of Scotland
Mar  9 Ken Shaw                   Paisley, Scot                     L 12
          -Heavyweight Championship of Scotland
Jun 13 Don Cockell                Leicester, Eng                    L  8
Jun 27 Allan Cooke                Sunderland, Eng                   W  8
Oct 14 Charel Baert               Edinburgh, Scot                  KO  4
Oct 31 Allan Cooke                Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Eng          W  8
Nov  8 Matt Hardy                 Edinburgh, Scot                  KO  5

Jan 18 Gerry McDermott            Paisley, Scot                     W  8

Record And Photo Courtesy Of James Glenn
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