Marvin Hart
(the "Fightin' Kentuckian")

BORN   September 16 1876; Fern Creek, Kentucky
DIED September 17 1931; Fern Creek, Kentucky
HEIGHT 5-11 1/4
WEIGHT 185-195 lbs
MANAGERS Tommy Ryan; H.C. Dickins, John McKee

Hart was not a stylish boxer, being somewhat awkward and clumsy in technique, but he was durable and underrated in his overall ability; He was a tough, determined fighter who could withstand punishment; In addition, he was a relentless attacker who carried firepower in each fist

He was not a physical specimen to behold but he was strong, stubborn and persistent - and kept at the task - always hammering away; Hart's most impressive wins came in 1905 - against Jack Johnson in San Francisco and Jack Root in Reno

During his career, Hart defeated such men as Johnson, Root, Peter Maher, John "Sandy" Ferguson, Tommy West, Dan Creedon, Edward "Kid" Carter, Jack Bonner, Tony Ross, John Wille, Dick O'Brien, Al Weinig and Billy Stift

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Dec 12 William Schiller            Louisville, Ky                   KO  4
          -Some sources report "KO 7"

Jan  3 John Dempsey                Louisville, Ky                   KO  3
Jan 10 Stormy Goss                 Louisville, Ky                   KO  3
Feb 12 William Schiller            Louisville, Ky                   KO  6
          -Some sources report "KO 4"
Apr  2 Charles Meisner             Louisville, Ky                   KO  1
May 10 Tommy Williams              Louisville, Ky                   KO  2
Jun 12 Louis Seifker               Louisville, Ky                   KO  8
Jun 20 Harry Rogers                Louisville, Ky                   KO 14
          -Some sources report 6/26/00
Aug 13 Kid Hubert                  Louisville, Ky                   WF  7
          -Some sources report 8/18/00
Oct 12 Kid Hubert                  Louisville, Ky                   KO  6
Dec 12 Peter Trainor               Louisville, Ky                   KO 17

Jan 14 Al Weinig                   Louisville, Ky                   KO 11
          -Some sources report 1/21/01
Feb 25 Jimmy Ryan                  Louisville, Ky                   KO  8
Mar 29 Tommy West                  Louisville, Ky                   TK 16
May 24 Dan Creedon                 Louisville, Ky                   KO  6
Nov  1 Jack Beauscholte            Louisville, Ky                   KO 10
Dec 17 "Wild" Bill Hanrahan        Louisville, Ky                   LK  1

Jan 20 Billy Stift                 Louisville, Ky                   KO  3
Apr  7 Dick O'Brien                Louisville, Ky                   KO  3
          -Some sources report "KO 4"
May  3 Edward "Kid" Carter         Louisville, Ky                   TK  9
          -Police intervened
Aug 18 Billy Stift                 Chicago, Il                       W  6
Oct 16 Edward "Kid" Carter         Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
          -Some sources report 10/18/02
Nov 10 Jack Root                   Chicago, Il                       L  6
Nov 19 "Philadelphia" Jack O'Brien Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6

Apr  2 Jack Bonner                 Louisville, Ky                   WF  4
May  5 "Philadelphia" Jack O'Brien Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
May 13 George Gardner              Louisville, Ky                   LT 13
          -Some sources report "LT 12"
Nov 16 Joe Choynski                Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
Dec  1 Edward "Kid" Carter         Boston, Ma                       TK 15

Jan  5 George Gardner              Boston, Ma                        D 15
Jan 25 John Wille                  Chicago, Il                       D  6
Mar 16 John "Sandy" Ferguson       Hot Springs, Ar                   W 20
          -Some sources report 3/17/04
Mar 21 Gus Ruhlin                  Philadelphia, Pa                SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held; 
           Hart failed to appear
Apr 20 Gus Ruhlin                  Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
May 20 Gus Ruhlin                  Baltimore, Md                     D 12

Mar 28 Jack Johnson                San Francisco, Ca                 W 20
May  8 John Wille                  Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
Jul  3 Jack Root                   Reno, Nv                         KO 12
          -Heavyweight Championship of the World

Jan 15 Pat Callahan                Butte, Mt                        EX  2
          -Hart knocked Callahan out
Feb 23 Tommy Burns                 Los Angeles, Ca                   L 20
          -Heavyweight Championship of the World
May  3 Mike Schreck                New York, NY                     ND  4

Mar 15 Harry Rogers                Hot Springs, Ar                  KO  2
Apr  1 Peter Maher                 Hot Springs, Ar                  KO  2
May 30 Mike Schreck                Tonopah, Nv                      LT 21

Mar 17 John Wille                  Hot Springs, Ar                  WF  4
Oct  9 Kid Hubert                  Lexington, Ky                     D 12
Oct 20 Jack "Twin" Sullivan        Boston, Ma                       WF  5
Nov 14 John Wille                  Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6

Mar 12 Tony Ross                   New Orleans, La                  WF 13
Jul 26 Mike Schreck                Terre Haute, In                  LT  4

Dec 20 Carl Morris                 Sapulpa, Ok                      LK  3

Nov 25 -Hart refereed the Joe Sherman-Tommy Gary bout in Louisville, Ky

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

Undated (early bouts)

       Butch Fletcher                                               KO  1
       Paddy Minton                                                 KO  1

Jan 17 William Schiller            Louisville, Ky                   KO  4

Aug 27 "Wild" Bill Hanrahan        Louisville, Ky                   KO  1

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Review courtesy of Tracy Callis and Matt Tegen, Historians
International Boxing Research Organization