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 Dan Cuoco, Director

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In 1982, Herb Goldman and John Grasso co-founded the International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO) for the purposes of establishing an accurate history of boxing and compiling complete and accurate boxing records. The membership consists of individuals with an interest in boxing and boxing research with varying degrees of expertise. Some of the members make their living from the boxing business, but most are fans with collections of boxing records and other material on boxing.

IBRO exists to provide a vehicle for individuals interested in boxing research to communicate these interests; to facilitate their research; to coordinate research activities and provide a means of meeting others who share these specialized interests.

Boxing is a sport that has worldwide popularity at both the amateur and professional levels. However, accurate historical records are sorely lacking. It is intended that through IBRO an accurate collection, organization and dissemination of information about the sport will occur.

Since its inception, IBRO has had four Directors: John Grasso, 1982-1988; Tim Leone, 1988-1994; International Boxing Hall of Fame (IBHOF) Inductee Ralph Citro; 1994-2000; and Dan Cuoco, 2000 to the present.

The Director of IBRO publishes four journals per year containing career records and fight information for champions, contenders, and other fighters of interest as well as articles and rare facts and figures related to boxing. And now with the advent of the Internet it is a truly interactive research and reference source.

Among the research discoveries of IBRO’s membership are: an additional 13 bouts for Mickey Walker, 4 additional knockouts for Archie Moore (increasing his record for most knockouts), and extensive work on flyweight champion Jimmy Wilde’s early record to bring his lifetime knockout record to from 77 to 100. Members have also done extensive work in amateur boxing research with a complete record of all Olympic Games bouts up to the 1980 Games included among their accomplishments.

Back issues of IBRO Journals/newsletters are sold only to members. The newsletters/Journals are not in a magazine format, but made up of individual articles, fighter career records, additions and corrections to existing records, statistics, microfilm newsclips, etc.

Membership in IBRO is calendar year. Annual membership dues are $63.00 for members residing in the United States and $90.00 for members residing outside the United States. IBRO also offers a reduced annual membership fee option of $45.00 for those who prefer a greener approach (less paper, postage, etc.) to membership.

If you are interested in joining IBRO, please contact Dan Cuoco at Please indicate whether you will be paying membership dues by check or 


Dan Cuoco is a boxing historian and executive director of the International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO). IBRO was organized in May, 1982 for the express purpose of: establishing an accurate history of boxing; compiling complete and accurate boxing records; and facilitating the dissemination of boxing research. Dan took over as IBRO’s executive director from International Boxing Hall-of-Fame Inductee Ralph Citro in June 2000.

Dan became interested in boxing as a kid through his father, uncle and his uncles two brothers-in-law, prominent 1930’s boxers Werther Arcelli and Oddone Piazza. Arcelli was a world rated welterweight and New England Welterweight Champion and Piazza fought Gorilla Jones for the vacant NBA middleweight title when Mickey Walker vacated his title.

Dan started boxing at St. Benedict’s CYO in Somerville, MA., and was a regular at the New Garden Gym in Boston which was a bee-hive of activity featuring professional boxers such as: Tony DeMarco, Paul Pender, Jimmy Carter, Tommy Tibbs, Joe DeNucci, Larry Boardman, Billy Ryan, Jimmy Connors, Willie (Pineapple) Stevenson, Walter Byars and Tom McNeeley; and amateur prospects such as Jerry Forte and school classmate Paul Raymond. Jerry Forte went on to win numerous amateur titles including the New England Golden Gloves; and Paul Raymond went into the professional ranks where he won the New England Heavyweight Title.

A serious eye injury while sparring ended Dan’s active participation, but not his passion for the sport. Dan immersed himself into the history of boxing and started collecting boxing magazines, record books and 8 mm films. He also attended as many professional and amateur boxing shows as possible, including the Muhammad Ali-Karl Mildenberger heavyweight championship while stationed in Germany as a member of the Third Infantry Division.

In 1967, Dan began keeping track of current fighter records and looking back at the records of fighters from the past, especially those fighters whose records never appeared in any of the established record books. This curiosity eventually led him to start up a friendship with boxing historian Tracy G. Callis, Director of Historical Research at the Cyber Boxing Zone and a member of the International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO). After years of corresponding back and forth, Tracy convinced Dan to join the IBRO, which he did in January 2000. As a member of the IBRO, Dan struck up deep friendships with the IBRO director Ralph Citro, and boxing historians, Don Cogswell, Chuck Hasson, Luckett Davis, J.J. Johnston and co-founder Herb Goldman.

Citro, Davis and Goldman asked Dan to research numerous Massachusetts fight cards from the 1920s-1930s which he found very rewarding. When health issues forced Ralph Citro to cut back on his activities as director of the IBRO and cutman for Emanuel Steward’s stable of fighters, he asked Dan to take over the reins of the IBRO at the June 2000 IBHOF induction weekend. In the June 2000 issue of the IBRO Journal Ralph said, “…… I have obtained an outstanding individual to replace me. He is Daniel Cuoco. Once he begins you will without a doubt agree with me. Issue #66 will be his first issue and from there-on.”

With Dan’s very first issue, the format of the IBRO Journal began a dramatic transformation. First, he changed the format from an informal publication held together by a single staple to a formal magazine style publication, eventually adding a plastic spiral binder to replace the single staple.

In March 2002, he changed the IBRO logo to make it more contemporary. In June 2004, Dan launched the IBRO website to attract new members and strengthen it’s already solid base; and, to provide information to the general boxing public.


Dan Cuoco has been a lifelong friend of boxing, from the time he was a youngster until the present day. During his early youth, he was an enthusiastic fan. Then, as he got older, he engaged in amateur boxing until an injury forced an exit from it. His interest persisted, however, and he followed the sport, studied its history and researched all the fighters - of every weight class in every time period of boxing history.

As his knowledge increased, he began to examine old newspapers, microfilm, etc., and construct career records for all the men, validating the data that existed and discovering new and rare data for many boxers. Later, Dan became an active member of the International Boxing Research Organization (IBRO) and, afterwards, accepted Directorship of the group. Since assuming that responsibility, he has done an outstanding job of increasing membership, addressing and resolving problems in various areas for the group, producing a quarterly journal that contains rare historical research, articles about past bouts and pertinent news regarding events related to boxing. Under his direction, IBRO has become an authoritative voice in many aspects of today's boxing world.

It is without hesitation that I applaud the selection of Dan Cuoco to the Ring 4 Boxing Hall of Fame !!!

Tracy Callis, Boxing Historian, IBRO


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