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The Cyber Boxing Zone Newswire -- APRIL 8:2001
Flamos Finishes Muniz
By JD Vena
April 27, 2001
BOSTON - A few months ago there was controversy over whom most felt won a fight for the vacant Massachusetts Cruiserweight title. Last night Rocky Marciano look-a-like Tim Flamos (193), coincidentally from Brockton, MA left little doubt as to who should bear that title in his battle with Pepe Muniz of Dorchester. In fact, at 1:03 of the 7th round, Flamos left Muniz senseless on the canvas with two gargantuan right hands, which required no count from referee Mike Ryan, one of the inept officials at last night's show that the Roxy. Muniz, 194 (don't ask why these guys don't have to weigh 190), couldn't keep the mauling Flamos at a distance where he could box him. Flamos, who stands a compact 5'9 used his head literally in keep Pepe from peppering him on the outside as the Dorchester native had hoped and succeeded somewhat the first time around, which was also won by Flamos.

This time around, Flamos dominated and landed wild swinging right hands, one of which floored Muniz in the first round, caused a standing 8 count in the second and the two that dropped him in a heap in the final stanza. After hurting Muniz on the ropes, the familiar locale, which Muniz remained throughout the night, Flamos came out fast in the 8th. Flamos landed a huge roundhouse right hand that nearly froze Muniz as it knocked him unconscious. As Muniz began to sink towards the horizontal Budweiser logo, he paused, much in the way Prince Charles Williams had in his knockout loss to James Toney years ago. Flamos took full advantage of this moment and buried Muniz into the canvas with another thudding right hand. Ryan didn't bother with a count, as it would have made him look as foolish as the referee in the previous bout (more on him later). Flamos, who defended his state title for the first time is now 13-2-1 while Muniz drops to 12-3.

In the exciting co-feature, Jeff "The Hellraisah" Frazza, 138, of Haverhill, MA won a hard fought split decision over a durable, Henry Matos, 138, of Springfield, MA. Jeff had it all his way in the early going until Matos made a big scare down the stretch. In the first round, Frazza landed with both fists, but as he charged forward, his head collided into Matos', an offense that made Matos fairly angry. At the sound of the bell ending the first round, Matos landed a left hook, then decided to throw another after the bell. What was interesting about the whole ordeal was the fact that referee, Jordan Dicot looked at both guys as if to say, "Hey, go ahead and fight, I'm too old to step between you guys." Only the cornerman from both sides were brave enough to separate their fighters and walked them back to their respective corners.

It was one of many blunders last night for Dicot, who is known for not only falling asleep while being a ringside judge, but missing a knockdown to the point where he didn't even notice a knockdown as the appointed referee. Whether he couldn't get out of the way of a moving fighter or missing blatant fouls, the Mass Commish should do some housecleaning and start with tossing Dicot. Anyway, back to the fight. Frazza, though he is improving in each fight has a tendency of coming in without throwing any punches. This has allowed his opponents to get off first and this time it nearly cost him. Matos, who endured a good night's beating, landed a nice chopping right hand which cut Frazza over the left eye. As the 8th rounded continued, Matos began landing with more regularity to the point where Frazza could have been in trouble. Dicot even thought so. And after stopping the action for reasons unknown, Dicot turned and pointed to Mark Maynard, the timekeeper, who was seated next to your writer. A moment later Maynard banged the table with a hammer signaling that the bout had 10 seconds left. Draw your own conclusions. Nothing happened from that moment on. Frazza won by three identical scores of 58-56, the same way the CBZ saw it. Frazza is now 9-1 with 5 KO's.

The last time we saw 38 year old, Paul Smith of Worcester, he was knocking the recently retired, Joe Siciliano cold with a left hook. Thursday night, he finished the night in just as devastating fashion, but this time with an awesome right hand. Midway through the first round, Smith landed a tremendous right hand that flattened Randolph's Billy Mofford (224). After being helped up to his feet some twenty seconds later, Mofford complained of not being given a count. Smith is now 2-0 with 2 KO's and I only wish he began boxing several years earlier.

In another rematch that felt some was controversial the first time around, Adrian Vee Brown (158) of Manchester, NH won a 4 round split nod over Brockton's Dave Hamilton. This one appeared to be a draw in the CBZ's eyes, but I won't complain about the verdict. Hamilton (163), who has diabetes, faded in the final two frames, but remained competitive. Brown is now 4-2-2, while Hamilton dropped to 13-7-1.

Aaron Torres of Brockton, looked very impressive in his pro debut by punishing Mobile, Alabama's Richard Dinkins with a savage body attack. Torres, 133, dropped Dinkins three times, two of which were from the result of body shots, including the final one which prompted Mike Ryan to stop the fight at :59 of the third round.

In the opening and the most competitive fight of the night, opponents, Dan Sheehan of Salem, NH and Hartford's Jose Torres took turns pounding each other with Sheehan doing most of the work. Though Torres is the more polished boxer of the two, Sheehan came to fight and pressed Torres throughout most of the 6 round fight. Sheehan owns the distinction of snatching the "0" from Teddy Atlas' prospect, Elvir Muriqi by DQ two years ago and after seeing this guy absorb punches, you can easily imagine why anyone who can punch would be discouraged fighting him. Sheehan, who weighed 190 pounds, improved his record to 11-7 while Torres who also weighed 190 is now 10-45-3.

Last nights show was sponsored by the Massachusetts Chapter of the National Italian American Sports of Fame, which believe it or not is bigger than Alaska's Chapter of the Italian American Sports Hall of Fame. In attendance were two former local boxing idols, Tony De Marco, the former welterweight champion of the world and former contender, Joe DeNucci, also Mass State Auditor.

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