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The Cyber Boxing Zone Newswire -- AUGUST 6:2001

On May 12, Luis Ayala was gunned down on Pawtucket Street in Lowell, Massachusetts, at 3 O'clock in the afternoon. Ayala was confronting several men, who were driving in his cousins stolen car. During a brief altercation, in which Ayala landed several punches on two of the suspects, a third suspect grabbed a .32 caliber handgun out of the glove compartment and shot Luis in the chest. After Ayala fell to the ground, the suspect then shot him twice more, to the chest, at point blank range. Luis Ayala, 23 years old, and father of two, died upon arrival at the Lowell General Hospital.

Next Sunday, August 12, at the Studio 25, Market Street in Downtown Lowell, there will be a benefit for the former amateur star, and promising professional fighter,

Luis Ayala. Ayala was the owner of three straight Silver Mittens, and five straight New England Golden Gloves titles. He was also a semi-finalist in the US Boxing Championships, and the 2000 US Olympic trials. Ayala was touted by many, as a potential world champion in the Junior Welterweight division. He was also a stable-mate, and sparring partner, of Jr. Welterweight contender Micky Ward. Donations for the fallen boxer are $10 at the door. For more information, contact Jerry Colton at 978-459-0848

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