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The Cyber Boxing Zone Newswire -- SEPTEMBER 1:2001
Press Release
From the Desk of 'Sucra' Ray Oliveira

I am writing to the entire boxing public. Why have you all forgotten me? All I keep hearing is Arturo Gatti vs. Mickey Ward. What about Ray Oliveira vs. Mickey Ward or Ray Oliveira vs. Arturo Gatti? What about Ray Oliveira vs. Jesse James Leija? Besides some action packed wars years ago at junior lightweight and lightweight, what makes Arturo Gatti the sudden hot commodity? And why is Ward so hot - what has he done? What about Ray Oliveira??

I lost my last fight to Ben Tackie, a fighter who is a top rated guy. A guy with a huge knockout punch, who has beaten many world champions in the past. I fought his fight. I stood right in front of a puncher and went toe-to-toe for 12 rounds. I fought his fight and still almost pulled out the win. Arturo Gatti gets bludgeoned by Oscar De La Hoya and barely beats Joe Hutchinson and he is a million dollar fighter? Ward has an all out war with a guy barely over .500 and he is some kind of world beater? What about Ray Oliveira??

Over the past few years I have beaten far better fighters than both Ward and Gatti combined. Yeah, they are both fun to watch - I even like watching them fight. But what about Ray Oliveira? When you watch a fight you want action - who gives more action than me? I throw a million punches and I take bombs and do not move. What is the problem here? I beat everyone put in front of me besides Tackie. I took care of Vivian Harris and Vince Phillips with ease and in exciting fashion. Even in my defeat, people say it is a possible "Fight of the Year" candidate. So what about Ray Oliveira?

So, I lost once. I lost to a top fighter. I lost not because Tackie is better than me, but because I fought a stupid fight. I knew what I had to do going into the fight and I threw my game plan away and went to war. Was it smart? Maybe not. But it was a great fight, one that I am sure had the fans on their feet. I am proud of the show I put on for boxing fans. So why am I not getting any props? Why am I not being mentioned with Ward and Gatti? Could it be because neither wants to fight me?

I am willing to take on anyone in the super lightweight division and I guarantee that I will put on a show. Plus I am not crazy - I know boxing. I am not going to out price myself. People have been grouping myself and Ward together for years. Lately the talk has been that we both deserve a "money" fight. What better money fight is there than Oliveira-Ward?

Mickey seems to think that he is a million dollar fighter despite the fact that he has not beaten a world rated fighter in awhile. I don't even want to hear about me losing because if either Gatti or Ward faced off against a top rated guy like Tackie - who is to say that the result would be any different. Actually I think it would have been far more lopsided for Tackie.

Here's my idea, and I hope the boxing world and the big wigs at HBO, ESPN and Showtime are listening. Arturo Gatti thinks he is worth a million. Fine - he is a former world champion so lets give him the benefit of the doubt. I am not trying to fool myself - he has the name. Ray Oliveira and Mickey Ward are on the same level name-wise, however I am rated higher with the sanctioning bodies and have beaten the better fighters. So lets have a box-off. Oliveira vs. Ward for solid money and the winner takes on Gatti on pay-per-view or something. Let's get it done!

I am very easy to reach. My promoter Jimmy Burchfield is available 24/7 at 401-724-2253. This is not meant to disrespect anyone - I have the utmost respect for Gatti, Ward and Leija. But, when we step into the ring it will be different. In beating Harris and Phillips I did not seem to gain the respect I deserved. In losing to Tackie the least I should have gained was respect and I am not feeling any at all. Call my promoter and give me the respect I deserve.

Best regards,
"Sucra" Ray Oliveira

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