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The Cyber Boxing Zone Newswire -- JULY 27:2001
Paz Registers #48 in Win Over Shocks
By JD Vena

CRANSTON (Where Freda Felcher is from), RI - A couple thousand boxing fans assembled last night at the Rhodes-on-the-Pawtuxet to rediscover why it's fun to attend a pro fight card. In the wake of last week's disaster, the fans were treated to an exciting 8-bout show to distract them from the saddening images that have been housed in our minds. It was fun and patriotic and it was a time to once again showcase Rhode Island's favorite son, Vinny Paz in his quest for 50 wins as he won for the 48th time against the tough Tim Shocks of Seattle.

The last time Paz was in this ring when he stopped "Irish" Pat Lawlor in July, it wasn't clear how much Paz had left after former welterweight champion, Aaron "Superman" Davis took him apart in a one-sided fight. Lawlor traveled across the country to drink beers. Tim Shocks, 169, ventured across our land to fight but would not pull off a shocker. Draped in the American flag with "Born in the USA" echoing throughout the joint, Vinny Paz stepped though the ropes in a ready form of 170 pounds. When I say ready, I mean he came to fight in that compact frame. He was not taking Shocks lightly by any means even though the fight would see his usual clowning tactics such as grabbing the ropes for punching leverage, bouncing off the bottom tier, sticking his tongue out and other taunts that must frustrate his opponents but spark his fans. What last night proved was that Paz still had what some were impressed with years ago: his eruptive combinations, those violent exchanges that stand out in his fights. They happened in several of the 10 pitched rounds and you had to admire Shocks' willingness to trade and absorb the thudding shots he took.

The most impressive segment of the fight occurred in the 5th round when a Paz low blow hurt Shocks and made him fight back with vicious temperament. After the a minute of recovery time given to Shocks by referee Joe Lopino, Shocks and Paz tore into each other with reckless abandon, knowing clear well that punches were coming there way but not caring. The moment stood out as one of the reasons why you thought that the fight was a great one. But the one-sidedness became more so in the last five rounds as Paz' body attack and occasional low blows weakened Shocks down the stretch but not enough to take away from his bravado and guts. The kid, now 21-11-1 with 14 knockouts was in over his head, but was willing to finish on his feet.

Paz, now 48-9 with 30 knockouts won by unanimous scores of 100-90, 100-91 and 100-92 and after registering his most impressive performance in three or four years, I think that it's fair to say that there are some super-middleweight contenders that Paz can defeat at this stage of his long illustrious career.

In the co-feature, Peter Manfredo, Jr., 162, went six rounds for the first time in defeating Philly's Troy Barnes. The Providence youngster (20 years old) was tentative much of the time in facing his first opponent who did not enter the ring with a losing record. Barnes, 165, may have more to do with that as he sat on the outside, being the taller dude and looked for countershots. Manfredo won by scores of 60-55 twice and 60-54 in raising his record to 8-0 with 4 KO's, while Barnes slipped to 6-7-2 with 2 KO's.

Whether you're a fan of his fighting skills or not, you gotta love Daniel "Pipino" Alicea. After blowing out haplesss Bobby Rishea, 132, of Toronto, Canada in 2:35 of the first round, Alicea, 135, who recently migrated from Santurce, Puerto Rico to the US, grabbed the American flag and clutched it to his heart, showing how happy he is to live in our great country. Alicea is now living in New York City and we're damn happy to have him here. In raising his record to 25-4-1, with 20 knockouts, last night's win for Pipino was his first in over a year, but he's been matched tough and has fought his heart out in his previous three bouts. In January he lost a close, if not controversial decision to top lightweight contender Lamar Murphy. He then lost a stoppage defeat to jr. lightweight powerpuncher, Acelino Freitas, a fight that he took on a few days notice and more recently, he drew with Julian Wheeler, who was fresh off his one-sided win over former contender Pito Cardona.

Angel Torres, 129 , of Willamantic, CT fought tough against Jose Ramon Disla, 129, of Ft. Lauderdale, who fought just as tough in an exciting four-round featherweight bout. In the second round, Torres caught Disla with a perfectly timed left hook that floored Disla on his face. Disla, who was hurt at the time showed impressive resolve in making the next two rounds competitive but not enough to really win a round. Torres, now 4-0 with 2 KO's won by scores of 40-36, 39-36 and 40-35. Disla is now 4-8-1 with 2 KO's.

Former world jr. lightweight champion Harold "Chubby" Gomes had to be notified by ringsiders that 3 knockdowns in a round end a fight in the great state of Rhode Island in a contest won by Warwick's Benny "The Boss" Constantino. Constatino, 149, dropped Angelo Smith, 148, three times in the second with a succession of head and body punches. Smith appeared to be in good shape before the fight started but looked spent after his first minute scare when the now 0-4 Philadelphian pinned Constantino on the ropes. Constatino who hasn't fought in two years is now 5-0 with 3 KO's. Providence hopeful, Joe Spina, 174, won his second straight in as many tries when he knocked out Rhonek Ross with a left hook at 2:15 of the first round.

The best of last night's young New England talent could very well turn out to be New Haven's "Bad" Chad Dawson who looked devestating in his second pro bout when he one-punch KO'd Antonio Baker with a pulverizing, lightning-quick, right hook. Dawson, 164 , a 19-year old southpaw caught Baker just as he was beginning to get aggressive. The punch caused Baker to fall face-first right in front of me and he laid there in an unconscious state for about a minute. Referee Charlie Dwyer started counting to ten immediately after Baker's fall but then realized how foolish that was at the :43 mark., midway through his count. Dawson is now 2-0 and I ain't kidding when I tell you that he could be the real thing.

In another exciting bout Dan Constantino, 174, the older brother of Benny had all he could handle with Buffalo's Tommy "Gun" Barker and a gaping cut over his right eye, but still managed to pull off a hometown decision. Though a victory for Constantino couldn't be ruled out of the question, there was simply no way in hell that he won all four rounds as the three judges had it (40-36 and 40-37 twice). Constantino, now 8-0 with 6 KO's was wobbled several times but made it exciting when he was hurt and fought back. Barker was also cut under his left eye is now 2-9-1 with 2 KO's.

Promoter - Jimmy Burchfield's Classic Entertainment & Sports
Matchmaker - Ted Panagiotis

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