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November 10, 2000

By Joe Koizumi

I came here to Las Vegas as one of Japanese TV commentators that will broadcast the world heavyweight title bout between Lennox Lewis and David Tua tomorrow. On the eve of the showdown titled "Royal Rampage" there was a card at Mandalay Bay's House of Blues featuring the IBF flyweight title fight.

It was a contest of a Colombian champ and a South African challenger, both of whom were unbeaten prior to the encounter. Pacheco 24-0, 19 KOs and Makepula 18-0, 12 KOs. I happened to witness this bout, and left the arena with very complex feelings.

Masibulele Makepula, South Africa, was obviously robbed of his victory over the defending champ Irene Pacheco, Colombia, over 12 monotonous rounds. When the ring announcer read the score cards, saying 114-114, 118-110 and 117-111, I believed that Makepula would be called the winner and new champion despite my disagreement on the drawn score by one judge.

But they rendered a terrible verdict to Pacheco. On what scoring standard could you make Pacheco the winner on such a wide margin? If a wide margin was earned, it should have been to Makepula. This was more terrible than the notorious scores in the last Olympic Games.

Reviewing the fight, Makepula, with a better balance, constantly kept stalking the switch-hitting champ and scored more accurate left hooks followed by left-right combinations more frequently than the lefty Colombian threw punches, and apparently remained aggressive all the way. The South African often staggered the shaky champ with well-timed combinations with more effective shots with precision in later rounds.

After almost every round Pacheco returned to his corner, raising his hands as if he had won that session. Don't be confused by his gesture. It was a cunning FICTION. He never won this round and that round.

Although it was a game between the Colombian and the South African, had Makepula been an American and had he suffered such a outrageous defeat on points, a riot would have happened at this Mandalay Bay.

I, just a Japanese reporter that have nothing to do with Pacheco nor Makepula, have always respected the justice and fairness executed in the current boxing mecca of Nevada, but I, to tell you the truth, got stunned at the illogical verdict. The decision should be investigated and reviewed by Nevada State Athletic Commission, and I believe that Makepula should deserve a rematch, if the verdict cannot be reversed. Good night.

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