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The Cyber Boxing Zone Newswire -- APRIL 5:2001
Boxing Results
Lucky Eagle Casino, Fight Night XXXII
April 7, 2001.......Rochester, WA

Troy Weaver Stops Reggie Roberts in Round 4 by TKO

Main Event, Light Heavyweight, Scheduled 10 Rds.
Troy Weaver, Diamond Bar, CA (14-7-2 w/ 14 KO’s) 169 lbs. vs. Reggie Roberts, Grand Rapids, MI (10-4 w/ 6 KO) 175 ¾ lbs........ Troy Weaver defeated NWBA Champion Reggie Roberts with a 4th round TKO at 2:13. Weaver came out punching hard in the 1st round, but Roberts took control until Weaver connected with a devistating right to daze and subdue Roberts.

Middleweight, Scheduled 6 Rds.
Lloyd Weaver, Los Angeles, CA (10-6, w/ 6 KO’s) 162 lbs. vs. Cebien St. Pierre, Las Vegas, NV (7-13 w/ 3KO) 158 ½ lbs…Cebian St. Pierre came out with a massive flurry only to be destroyed be a knockout at :46 seconds in round one by Lloyd Weaver. Weaver waited for the right moment and hammered St. Pierre to the canvass. Weaver was one of three fighters chosen "Fan Favorite" by the crowd.

Female Flyweight, Scheduled 4 Rds.
Yvonne Caples, Las Vegas, NV (4-3-1) 107 ¾ lbs. vs. Robin Pinto, Vancouver, BC (0-1) 112 lbs……Yvonne Caples won a unanimous decision over Robin Pinto. Caples was voted "Fan Favorite" by the crowd.

Light Heavyweight, Scheduled 4 Rds.
Damion Hatch, Bend, OR (4-1 / 4 KO’s) 166 ½ lbs. vs. Scott Lansdon, Baker City, OR (4-8 w/ 1 KO) 167 ¾ lbs…..Damion Hatch stopped Scott Lansdon in their rematch with a TKO at 2:34 in the 1st round. Hatch was the 3rd fighter voted "fan Favorite" by the crowd.

Heavyweight, Scheduled 4 Rds.
Robert Ryan, Spokane, WA (1-4) 234 ½ lbs. vs. Tom Eynon, Provo, UT (1-0) 200 ¾ lbs…...Tom Eynon won his professional debut by defeating Robert Ryan by a TKO at 1:12 in round two.

Featherweight, Scheduled 4 Rds.
Angelo Torres, Lakewood, WA (3-3-1 w/ 2KO) 122 lbs. vs. Karin Hrutynyan, Glendale, CA (2-1-1) 120 ½ lbs……Karin Hrutynyan won a unanimous decision over Angelo Torres.

Lightweight, Scheduled 4 Rds.
Norman Campbell, Las Vegas, NV (0-2) 134 ½ lbs. vs. Imad Abouzki, Portland, OR (1-0-1) 136 lbs…… Imad Abouzki won his first pro fight by a narrow majority draw. The scoring was 3-37, 38-38, 38-38.

Lightweight, Scheduled 4 Rds.
Steve Lowry, New Westminster, BC (3-0 w/ 1 KO) 133 ¾ lbs. vs. Adrian DeSantos, Las Vegas, NV (2-4-1) 133 lbs……Steve Lowry remained unbeaten with a unanimous decision over Adrian DeSantos.

Note: All records include tonight’s action.
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