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The Cyber Boxing Zone Newswire -- JUNE 22:2001
Stooge Entertains at Emerald Queen
by Katherine Dunn

June 16, 2001

Emerald Queen Casino
Tacoma, WA
Promoter: Brian Halquist Productions
Matchmaker: Bob Oleson
Inspector: Tom Sporar
Referees, Jeff Macaluso, Ron Rall
Judges: Glen Hamada, Morris McCollum, Tom McDonough
Ringside Physician: Dr. Rhonda Luce

One Glorious "Moe" ment

This reporter was NOT able to attend this event and the following results are compliments of the Washington Department of Licensing. Several knowledgeable types who were there have phoned to declare that the always mind-boggling local ring announcer, "Moe" Naccarato surpassed even his own extraordinary standards of buggering goofiness. During an attempt to offer a respectful ten-count to Oregon trainer and manager Arnold Manning, who died recently, Naccarato referred to him as "Archie Manning." No doubt "Moe" got the trainer mixed up with the football quarterback. Perfectly natural mistake. Sort of thing that could even happen to the President of the United States. And let this wee boo-boo serve as an incentive for the fight tribe to hang in there. Quit swilling that booze. Knock off the smokes. Watch your blood pressure. Drive carefully. For decency’s sake, don’t die until "Moe" hangs up his microphone for good.

In the 10 round main event, Rudy Lovato (154 lbs) of Albuquerque, N.M. won a unanimous decision over Dennis Allen (155 lbs) of Las Vegas, NV.

On the undercard:

Mark Woolnaugh (172 lbs) of British Columbia, Canada won a six-round unanimous decision over Kip Triplett (168 lbs) of Eugene, Oregon.

A heavyweight four-round bout between Cody Gray (230 lbs) of Shoreline, WA and Billy Zumbrun (226 lbs) of Ogden, UT was declared a No Contest in the third round. A head butt resulted in Cody Gray being cut over the eye, a wound which reportedly required 9 stitches.

In a super middleweight six round bout, Brock Stodden (167 lbs) of Bremerton, WA won a split decision over Louis Sargeant (168 lbs) of Richmond, British Columbia. Sargeant suffered the worst wound of the night, a split lip which took 34 stitches to close.

Featherweight women, Christina Avitia (126 lbs) of Tucson, AZ won her 4 round re-match with Laramie Hinostroza of Emporia, Kansas by split decision.

A four round bout between cruisers Shane Stoddard (184 lbs) of Boise, ID and Neil Stephens (181 lbs) was declared a No Contest in the second round. Stoddard suffered a cut due to a head butt.

In a welterweight six-round bout Paul Mpendo (145 lbs) of Eugene, OR used a single straight right hand to knock out Virgil Bohnenkamp (145 lbs) of Aloha, OR at 1:03 of the first round. Bohnenkamp was placed on a 60 day medical suspension for the KO.

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