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The Cyber Boxing Zone Newswire -- SEPTEMBER 1:2001
Seven Feathers Results
By Katherine Dunn

Saturday, 10-20-01
Seven Feathers Casino Resort
Canyonville, Oregon
Executive Director Cow Creek Indian Boxing commission:
Carl Salter
Promoter: Ringside Ticket, Patrick Ortiz
Matchmaker: Peter Brody
Ringside Physicians: F. Luis Rios, M.D., James
Ferguson, M.D.
Referees: James Ericksen, Mike Fisher, Daryl Lewis, David Hagen
Judges: Greg Baker, Robert Flamme, James Howard, Paul Weitzel
Timekeeper: Sixto Rodriguez
Announcer: Danny Wolfe

10 round main event; female Jr welterweights Sumya Anani, 142 1/2 lbs, of Kansas City, MO moved up to 18-1, 7 KO's with a unanimous decision over Britt VanBuskirk, 141 lbs, (now 9-12-2, 5 KO's). This was a re-match of the 2000 bout in which VanBuskirk won a decision. Anani dominated every round with the judges scoring it 100-90, 100-90, 100-91.

6 rounds, Super Middleweights; Kip Triplett, 174 lbs, (now 9-9-3, 2 KO's) of Eugene, OR stopped Scott Lansdon, 175 1/4 lbs, (now 4-9, 1 KO) of Baker City, OR. Triplett won by TKO at 1:39 of the 6th round.

In 4 round bouts:

Paul Mpendo, 153 lbs, (now 3-1-2, 2KO) originally of Uganda but now fighting out of Eugene, OR won a unanimous decision over Dominic Rivera, 157 lbs, (now 3-10, 2 KO) of Portland,OR. The scores were 39-37, 40-36, 39-39.

Heavyweight Reuben Torres, 217 lbs, (now 3-0) of Portland stopped Patrick Plascentia, 220 lbs, (now 0-1) of Portland by TKO at :45 of the 3rd round.

Jr Featherweights; Greg Piper, 123 1/2 lbs, (now 1-0, 1 KO) of Portland KO'd Scott Smith, 123 lbs, (now 0-1) of Portland.

Super Middleweights; Sinan Kuch, 158 lbs, (now 1-0, 1 KO) of Portland, knocked out Raymond Brady, 160 1/2 lbs, (now 0-4) of Dexter, OR. At 2:50 of the first round.

Middleweights; Victor Branson, 168 1/4 lbs,(now 2-0) of Wilhamina, OR won a unanimous decision over Luis Lopez, 168 1/4 lbs, (now 0-1) of Othello, WA. The judges scores were 37-36, 38-37, 38-35.

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