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The Cyber Boxing Zone Newswire -- SEPTEMBER 1:2001
Lucky Eagle Casino Results
Press Release

Lucky Eagle Casino, Fight Night XXXV
November 3, 2001.......Rochester, WA

Main Event, Middleweight, Scheduled 10 Rds.

Bruce Corby, Scranton, PA (16-20 w/ 14 KO) 157 lbs. vs. Julio Garcia, Las Vegas, NV (22-1-2 w/ 8 KO) 160 lbs... Julio Garcia defeated Bruce Corby in 2:45 of the 3rd round with a KO...Corby ran from Garcia from the first bell. Eventually, Garcia coaxed Corby into the middle of the ring and flattened Corby with a devastating uppercut.

Middleweight , 8 Rds.

Ron Pasek, Edmonton, Alberta (11-17-3 w/ 4 KO) 155 lbs. vs Brock Stodden, Bremerton, WA (10-7-1 w/ 5 KO) 157 lbs. Ron Pasek defeated Brock Stodden with a TKO in 51 sec of the 8th Round...Ron Pasek chipped away at Stodden and eventually opened a large gash under Stodden's right eye. Pasek delivered the final blow when he blasted Stodden with a hard right in the last round. Stodden managed to stubble to his feet, only to have the referee call the fight in favor of Pasek.

Light Heavyweight, Scheduled 4 Rds.

Kip Triplett, Creswell, OR (10-9-3 w/ 2KO) 169 lbs. vs Damion Hatch, Bend, OR (5-2-1 w/ 4 KO's) 167 lbs...Kip Triplett defeated Damion Hatch in a unanimous 4 round decision. Triplett kept Hatch at bay with long reach. When Hatch did manage to get inside, Triplett consistently found a way to rip a couple of hard shots off of Hatch's chin to back him up. In a well-contested fight, the judges ultimately decided in favor of Triplett.

Heavyweight, Scheduled 4 Rds.

Enoch Green, Atwater, CA (0-1) 195 lbs. vs. Chauncy Welliver, Spokane, WA (5-0 w/ 1 KO) 260 lbs. Chauncy Welliver defeated Enoch Green in a unanimous 4 round decision. .. When Welliver was hit by the first devastating Green upper cut, he smiled. Welliver continued to smile through out the fight as he pounded Green to his defeat.

Lightweight, Scheduled 4 Rds.

Eddie Estrella, Riverside, CA (1-2) 136 lbs. vs. Norman Campbell, Las Vegas (0-3-1) 135 lbs. Eddie Estrella defeated Norman Campbell in a unanimous 4 round decision ...Estrella wore Campbell down with his sharp jab and quick feet. Campbell was stymied by Estrella, receiving a standing eight count as the final bell rang. The judges decided in favor of Estrella.

Heavyweight, Scheduled 4 Rds.

Jonathan Williams, Olympia, WA (2-1, w/ 2 KO) 204 lbs. vs. Tom Enyon, Provo, UT (1-2 w/ 1 KO ) 240 lbs.... Jonathan Williams defeated Tom Enyon with a KO in 1:11 of the 1st round... Williams devastated Enyon with a swift upper cut in the first round. Enyon's knees buckled and he fell hard to the canvas.

Lightweight Scheduled 4 Rds.

Adriano Dos Santos, Las Vegas, NV (6-8-1 w/ 3KO) 133 lbs. vs. James Alger, Tualatin, OR (5-5 w/ 4 KO) 136 lbs... Adriano Dos Santos defeated James Alger with a TKO in 2:51 of the 2nd round. Dos Santos leveled Alger with a left hook in the second round. Alger stumbled into the ropes with glazed eyes, Alger's trainer immediately threw in the towel.

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