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January 12, 2001
Tacoma Club Show Results
Katherine Dunn

Emerald Queen Casino
Tacoma, WA
Saturday, Jan. 6, 01
Promoter: Brian Halquist
Matchmaker: Bob Oleson

Our stringer in Tacoma for the Saturday night club show was Richard Baker, the photographer, writer, and editor of the regional boxing paper, Northwest Prospects. Baker was on the spot and, shortly after Joel Casamayor’s ninth round stoppage of Garcia on Showtime TV had been re-hashed for the third or fourth time, my phone rang in Portland. It was Baker calling in from what sounded like a cheerful post-fight party in a noisey bar. He said the Tacoma show had surprised him by being pretty good. It was more than sold out, of course, and the casino had to set up an extra three hundred folding chairs or so for the walk-up crowd. Even the chairs at the ring apron were sold, so photographers such as Baker were left to wiggle between ticket-holding elbows to do their work. Baker kindly provides us with the following results: (records are those announced before each bout)

The ten round main event featured Kent, Washington’s Tim Shocks (159 lbs) 20-9-1, in a bid for the vacant Canadian-American-Mexican super middleweight title. His opponent was the portable, durable Eric Holland (159lbs ) 22-29-3, of Alamagordo, New Mexico. Rumors had been circulating that Shocks was short on stamina in training so Holland might have a prayer, but the pair went the distance in a close tangle with Shocks taking the unanimous decision.

On the Undercard:

In a cruiserweight four, Michael Sams (183 lbs) of Colfax, WA debuted with a unanimous decision win over Shayne Stoddard,(183 lbs) 1-2, of Boise, ID.

A recent Greg Haugen student,Eduardo Mendivil (148 lbs)4-1-3 of Hemmet, California stopped Robert Mansfield (147 lbs)2-1,of Port Orchard,WA with a TKO at 1:49 of the fourth and final round.

A lightweight women’s four round re-match ended the same way as their first meeting. Jessica LaPointe, (139 lbs) 1-0 of Spanaway, WA. won a unanimous decision over Jamie Day, (0-4)of Brigham, Utah.

Also; Heavyweight Cody Gray (217 1/2 lbs) 4-0, of Shoreline, WA stopped Charles Boettcher (201 lbs)2-4, of Sioux City, Iowa. Boettcher did not come out for the fourth round. Gray’s win is called a TKO in the 4th.

In a middleweight re-match scheduled for 6, Brock Stodden (165 lbs)8-6-1, of Bremerton,WA stopped durable Scott Lansdon of Baker City, OR. abruptly with a KO at 5 seconds of the third round. Lansdon won the pairs’ last encounter.


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