"Massa" Kendrick
(the "New Black")

BORN   May 11 1798; St. Kitts, British West Indies
DIED 1844
WEIGHT 174 lbs

Kendrick was stubby and muscular with broad shoulders; He was willing and game and possessed a good right hand that was powerful; At times, he tended to be unruly and refused to train properly

Kendrick traveled to England during his career but little is known about his activities

          -Kendrick got into a street fight with Bill Richmond

          -Kendrick tried to get a fight with Tom Molineaux
           but was unsuccessful

       Tom Cribb                                                   L   
          -This was a "private" fight; 
           The date seems unlikely due to Kendrick's age

          -Kendrick challenged Dan Donnelly to a fight
           but Donnelly declined

       George Cooper                                              LT 69
          -Kendrick challenged Cooper to another fight
           but Cooper declined

       Henry Sutton                                               LT 13

          -Kendrick engaged in several minor bouts

*** Data Provided By Black Dynamite I (Fleischer, 1938) ***

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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