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The Cyber Boxing Zone Newswire -- APRIL 22:2001
Crap Chute v.4: Rahman KO 5 Lewis
By GorDoom

Yeah, well ... What can I say? The Ol' Spit Bucket would love to be able to take credit for being an amazingly precient prognosticator. It would be nice to be right for a change & claim I clearly forsaw the outcome of tonight's heavyweight championship bout ... But that would be total bullshit.

In the previous Crap Chute (v.3) I wrote an emphatic defense of Lennox Lewis' worthiness as a champion but ended it with a - totally tounge in cheek - statement that since I was writing so positively about Lewis I was now totally convinced he would get waxed within four rounds.

Well I missed it by a round.

Sounds good don't it? But it ain't true ... I doubt anyone was more shocked by the outcome than my own bad self. There have only been three heavyweight championship outcomes in my lifetime that wobbled what's left of the brain more than this one: Foreman - Ali, Tyson - Douglas & Tyson - Holyfield I. Man oh man, Rahman really did an unexpected number on Lennox.

The king is dead. Long live the king! A definite tip of the Fedora to the new champ.
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