Victor McLaglen
(Victor Andrew McLaglen)

BORN   December 11 1883; Tunbridge Wells,  Kent, England (Some sources report December 10 or December 11 1886)
DIED   November 7 1959; Newport Beach, California
WEIGHT 195 lbs


McLaglen was a strong puncher who made more money after his fighting career when he became a movie actor than he did as a fighter

He lived in Cape Town, South Africa as a youngster and for years claimed it as his hometown; His father was the Bishop of Claremont

Two of his six brothers boxed without much success; His other brothers performed as an acrobatic troupe called The Romano Brothers

At various times in his life, he lived as a prospector in Canada, a policeman, a professional wrestler, a circus strongman, and a movie actor

McLaglen was big and strong and a White Hope of the teens

       -McLaglen ran away from home and joined Life Guards
        and served during the Boer War

       -McLaglen went to Canada and became a professional
        boxer and wrestler

Jan 22 Emil Schock                Aberdeen, Wa                      W 20 
Mar  8 Curley Carr                Puget Sound, Wa                  TK  6 
May 18 Fred Russell               Tacoma, Wa                       KO  2 
May 28 Phil Schlossberg           Tacoma, Wa                       NC  5
       -Some sources report "LT 5" 
Aug 10 "Denver" Ed Martin         Aberdeen, Wa                     LK  3 

Mar 10 Jack Johnson               Vancouver, BC, Can               EX  6
       -Early sources report this bout as a Heavyweight 
          Championship of the World contest
       Ed Parker                  Winnipeg, MB, Can                KO  5 
       Jim Griffen                Saskatoon, SK, Can               KO  1 
       "Young Sailor" Burke       Palouse, Wa                      KO  6 

Jul 15 Charlie Miller             San Francisco, Ca                 D  4
Aug 19 Charlie Miller             San Francisco, Ca                 L  4

Oct    Jess Willard               Springfield, Mo                  EX   

Jan  3 Sailor White               New York, NY                     LK  3
Jan 30 Sailor White               New York, NY                     KO  3
Feb  4 Art Nelson                 Far Rockaway, NY                 LF  4
       -Some sources report "New York, NY"

       -McLaglen traveled with a circus which paid $25 to 
        anyone who could stay three rounds with him

       Dan "Porky" Flynn                                            W   
       -McLaglen returned to England and rejoined the Army

Jun 24 Dan McGoldrick             London, Eng                      TK  5

       -McLaglen won the Heavyweight Championship of the
           British Army

Nov 24 Frank Goddard              London, Eng                      LK  3

Feb 23 Frank Ray                  London, Eng                      TK 10
       Gordon Coghill             London, Eng                      TK   
Oct 11 Arthur Townley             London, Eng                      LK  7

       -McLaglen went to Hollywood, Ca and secured parts in
        motion pictures, including The Beloved Brute and 
        What Price Glory?

       -McLaglen wrote an autobiography Express to Hollywood 
        that was published in England

         -McLaglen won an Academy Award for his performance in
          The Informer

       -McLaglen co-starred with Mae West in the film,
        Klondike Annie

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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