Mervine Thompson

BORN   1854; Washington, District of Columbia (Fought out of Cleveland, Ohio)
HEIGHT 5-11 (Some sources report 6-2)
WEIGHT 190-215 lbs
MANAGER   Duncan Ross

Thompson gained prominence in 1884; He was brought out by Duncan Ross as a boxer - wrestler athlete

He was more powerful than any of the black fighters of his day but due to lack of stamina (and possibly courage) he never proved to be a first class pugilist

       C.A.C. Smith                                                L  3

Jul 15 Billy Baker                Navy Island, Ont, Canada        LK  7
          -This bout was held near Buffalo, NY;
           Some sources report "L 7"

Feb  5 Jack Stewart               Cleveland, Oh                    KO  3
Feb 18 Jack Welch                 Cleveland, Oh                    KO  2
Mar  5 Jack Stewart               London, Ont, Canada              ND  6
Mar 10 C.A.C. Smith               Cleveland, Oh                    KO  9
          -Some sources report "KO 7"
Aug  4 John Lawler                Cleveland, Oh                    KO  3
Sep  6 -Thompson challenged Dominick McCaffrey to a bout
       Paddy Brennan                                                W   

Feb 18 John Welsh                 Cleveland, Oh                    KO   
May 26 Billy Wilson               St. Paul, Mn                     LK  1
Jul 19 Charles Hadley             St. Paul, Mn                     LF  5

Mar 20 Andy Guinsey               Brooklyn, Oh                     KO  3
Apr 20 Pat Killen                 Cleveland, Oh                    WF  4
          -Killen knocked Thompson down 4 times;
           On the last knockdown, the crowd broke 
           into the ring; The referee (from Cleveland) 
           panicked and gave the win to Thompson on 
           a foul; Some sources report 4/02/86
Oct  2 Pat Killen                 Omaha, Ne                        LK  4
       Tom Robinson                                               SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled as a "finish" fight;
           The outcome is not known

Feb    -Thompson challenged Jack Brady (of Buffalo, NY)
Apr    Jake Kilrain               Baltimore, Md                    EX   
Apr    Jimmy O'Day                Baltimore, Md                    LK  4
Jun 23 Jack King                  Cleveland, Oh                    ND  8
          -This bout was held and lasted 8 rounds;
           The true outcome is not known

Jan 16 George Peters              Cleveland, Oh                    LK  5
Feb 15 George Peters                                              SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known

Jan  8 Bert Schiller              near Nashville, Ky               LF 28
          -Thompson drew first blood; Both men were bloody;
           Thompson hit Schiller when he was down and lost
           by foul; London rules and gloves were used
Nov 30 "Big Six" (Alfred Walker)  Birmingham, Al                   LK  2
          -Some sources report 12/02/89

May  7 Elmer Grant                Beaver Falls, Pa                 LK  2
          -This fight was declared to be a fake

          -Thompson competed as a wrestler, meeting some of
           the best men in the country

          -Thompson made his living as a circus strongman
           after his ring and wrestling careers ended

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization