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The Cyber Boxing Zone Newswire -- JULY 27:2001
Champ's Corner
by Ron Miller

Hello fight fans!!!!Another "professional" performance by a fighter. Bernard Hopkins schooled Tito Trinidad. Plain and simple. This fight reminded me alot of the Naseem Hamed-Marco Antonio Barrera matchup. Tito like the prince, was supposed to win. He was the favorite. He was beaten. Boxing this year has been a funny sport. Again I can't remember a year where so many upsets have taken place. But looking at this matchup again, it should have been so obvious.

Tito Trinidad was coming up in weight, against a man who had been at the division for many years. Bernard was a natural middleweight. Not a kid like Vargas or Reid. A man. Who for many years, was shut out of the picture. He didn't play ball with the powers that be. He was his own man. Eight years of frustration came out on Saturday night. His first superfight since he was himself schooled by Roy Jones Jr. He did not disappoint.

I had the first 5 rounds close. After that, Bernard dominated. He just beat on Tito. This fight reminded me alot of the Oscar Delahoya-Tito Trinidad fight. But unlike DLH, Bernard finished the fight. He did not go in retreat form. He did not sit on his "supposed" cushion. He finished the fight. And unlike Oscar, Tito came to fight. He did not pack it in after he was behind. He kept coming. He was a man last night. Tito has the heart of a champion. A warrior, who would have went out on his shield if not for his father. This is what makes Tito great. I felt bad as Tito was being worked over. It was sad. After the 11th round, Tito did not know where he was. I can't argue with the stoppage, although I was hoping he would be able to finish the fight. It was sad to see Tito after it was stopped. He just stood there. He didnt know how to react. This was his first loss. Afterwards, he seemed like he was going to cry.

Why did Bernard win? Very simple. He is a boxer like DLH. He has a good jab, and enough power(this kind of surprised me) to hurt Tito and make him pay. He neutralized the left hook. He was bigger than Tito. He was a natural middleweight. A man. Tito was coming up in weight. Bernard was ready for this. He was ready to die. This was his career fight. He came through. One last thought on Bernard. Lets not get too excited. Not to take anything away from him, but Tito is no Roy Jones Jr. I find it laughable that Bernard would be favored in a rematch. Roy shutout a younger albeit greener Hopkins with a hurt hand. Let's not forget this. Roy would school him again, and if he was in the mood, he might stop Bernie.

Why did Tito lose? Coming up in weight to face a man. This was his second fight at this weight. He had only one fight at middleweight in which he was dominate but lets face it, William Joppy is a bum. A blown up junior middleweight, with a padded record. Tito is one dimensional. He seems to have problems with a boxer who moves and has a jab, with some power. But he will be back. I would like to see a rematch. Bernard show me one more time!!!!!

On a personal note, I have some mixed feelings towards Tito, as I did when Lennox Lewis got knocked out. It was sad, as I felt bad, when Tito was getting worked. Did I overhype Tito?? Did I overlook his weaknesses? His opposition? Sometimes after a loss, we see reality more clearly. This may be the case here. I don't know. Maybe Tito started believing all his press clippings. Time will tell.

In closing, that punk Mike Tyson is in trouble again. Mike can't stay out of trouble to save his fight. This is too concidental. Mike's name is always involved, he is the X factor. So I dont buy that he is the victim. Tyson is a tired, old act. Mike again I beg of you. Please go away.........

Well thats it fight fans!!Keep your hands up and keep punching for the stars!!!!Ron Champ Miller

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