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The Cyber Boxing Zone Newswire -- JULY 27:2001
Champ's Corner
by Ron Miller

Hello fight fans!!!!!!!!One step forward, two steps back. And oops I did it again, and again, and again and again(etc).......... One step forward, two steps back- Julio Diaz was robbed. Plain and simple. After a great middleweight finale, boxing suffers another black eye. It always seems to happen this way. As soon as the sport seems to progress, it shoots itself in the foot. Angel Manfredy should thank the ref for his win. He was instrumental as well. Manfredy was outworked and outhustled. Period. Also the judges in the Mark Johnson-Rafael Marquez should learn to add. This is what makes me cringe about boxing. And people wonder why it is a cult sport.

As I re-watched the Trinidad-Hopkins fight, two things came to mind. The gracefulness, professionalism and all around good guy, Arthur Mercante. In his long illustrious career, I cant remember him blowing a call, or screwing up. He was a excellant referee, staying hidden in the ring as the third man should. As he raised Ricardo Lopez's hand for the last time, I really felt a part of boxing was gone. Thank you Mr. Mercante for your many years of great service. It was my pleasure. I only wish todays officials were half the man you are.

My second thoughts, werent so great. As I watched Tito getting worked over, I couldnt help but think of another great warrior. Gerald "G-Man" McClellan. You remember him, dont you???Or maybe some of you want to forget him. He is what is wrong with boxing. A fighter who cant perform anymore, swept under the rug. Those parasites like Don King, want you to forget. I wont. He was the only fighter I saw who could have beat the great Roy Jones Jr. He was powerful, with one punch knockout power. 31-3 with 29 KOs (28 of them within three rounds). Gerald knew the risks of the ring. But he didnt count on an incompetant referee. The fight should have been stopped in the first round, after Nigel Benn was put through the ropes. But it wasnt. No a man had to lose his career, and almost his life. As I watched this fight, I remember feeling sick, perhaps as Howard Cosell did after his last fight. This is why I hate when fights are fought overseas. Too many "weird" things happen. Coincedence? Perhaps, but thats why I dont blame Roy Jones Jr. for not wanting to fight overseas. He got robbed in Korea once. That was enough. A gold medal. One of the worst decisions. Embarrasing. But getting back to the G-man, please dont forget about him, or fighters like him. I havent, and wont.

Gerald McClellan
PO BOX 120
Freeport Ilinois
USA 61032

Omar Sheika got a bad break also. He was winning the fight, before it was stopped. I cant disagree with the stoppage. But it was a shame. I think he will win the rematch against an old, Thomas Tate. Go to the body next time Omar!!!!!

Oops I did it again, and again, and again and again (etc). Am I the only guy in the world that isnt buying Mike Tyson's act? I am so sick and tired of this guy. It is an old act. The one in which he is in trouble again and again and again. And do I care about Brian Nielsen? Why does Mike only take on bums, tomato cans and has beens? Because he cannot beat legit competition. The only fight I want to see him against is Lewis. That will be the last fight for Mike. As Lennox puts him into retirement. And the legend and myth of Tyson is exposed. This guy hasnt done "jack" in a decade. How people keep buying his pay per busts, is beyond me. As I have said before, like his hero Sonny Liston it will end bad for Mike.

I'll pass on the Oscar Delahoya-Roman Karmazin pay per lose. I will see it live instead!! This was a legendary building at one time. Olympic Auditorium, here I come!!!!!!!!

Well thats it fight fans!!!!!!!Keep your hands up and keep punching for the stars!!!!!!!!!Ron Champ Miller

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