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The Cyber Boxing Zone Newswire -- JULY 27:2001
Champ's Corner
by Ron Miller

Hello fight fans!!!!!Finally we get to the finals of the middleweight championship of the world.

I see this fight unfolding in two scenarios. First one is that Hopkins will survive twelve rounds, fighting a dirty, clutch filled event. The other is Tito may end this fight early, going right at the older Hopkins, taking him out. I tend to favor the 1st scenario, as Tito breaks down Hopkins, with crisp combinations, and flurries. Hopkins will use all the tactics he knows. He will clutch, grab, go low, make it a dirty, boring fight. It will be to no avail. Bernard's chin will fail him, after taking repeated shots to the chin. If this fight was 2-4 years ago, Bernard would have an excellent chance of victory. This is not the case. The younger, stronger, more powerful Tito is in his prime. I like Tito by late stoppage or a unanimous decision win.

As far as Fernando Vargas goes, nothing was learned this past weekend. He fought a sparring partner and friend. If anything he took alot of shots, and if Shibata had any power, this could have been over. While I realize Flores is a southpaw and a little awkward, Fernando's defense was bad. I would like to see him get in with some better competition, a Winky Wright type. I'm afraid the Tito has ruined this kid's career.

Glad to see Johnny Tapia has retired. I will miss his gritty style in the ring, but I think his mental health and general well being outways that. He was quite a fighter, who gave it his all. Hopefully others will take note, and go out while they still have their faculties.

As far as Prince Naseem Hamed goes, I don't blame him for taking a few more months off. Right now the atmosphere is not condusive to him. Alot of people have counted him out. I for one have not. Any little man, who has power like that, will be a force. One punch knockout power keep a fighter in any fight. I still expect big things from the prince. There is no shame in losing to a great fighter like Marco Antonio Barrera.

On a personal note,the healing process has begun. The world of boxing will showcase a possible fight of the year candidate as Tito Trinidad takes on Bernard Hopkins. Sports were in full swing this past week. The emotional output was awesome. It was nice to see. I think we all see that this is only a "game". The real heroes are those firemen, policemen and EMTs that put their life on the line on September 11th. Personally, I feel alot better than I did a couple of weeks ago. Although I am surprised an attack hasn't already taken place, I have confidence in our government that it will. And soon. A crushing, all-out event, that will bring justice to our great country. So this will never happen again. Let's not forget what has happened.

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