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Boxer's Start-up: A Beginner's guide to boxing By Doug Werner

Aerobox: A high-performance fitness program By Michael Olijade Jr. and Phil Berger

The Boxer's Work-out By Peter Depasquale

Boxing for Everyone : How to Get Fit & Have Fun With Boxing by Cappy Kotz

Boxing's Dirty Tricks and Outlaw Killer Punches by Jay C. 'Champ' Thomas, Champ Thomas, Holly Tuttle

Champions' Boxing Guide by Stephen B. Acunto, Edward Whitman, Claudia Acunto

Championship Streetfighting : Boxing As a Martial Art by Ned Beaumont

Coaching Olympic Style Boxing : Level One by U.S. Amateur Boxing Inc Staff

The Science of Boxing : Rules and Articles on Training Generaliship in the Ring and Kindred Subjects by Mike Donovan

The speed bag bible : the ultimate speed bag training program by Alan H. Kahn

Combat Sports (Olympic Sports) by Robert Sandelson

Fitness Boxing by Frank Kurzel, Peter Wastl

Rocky's Boxing Book : Teaching the Art of Self Defense by Rocky Graziano, Howard Liss, Frank Bolle

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