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by Jerry "Gator" Colton

May 25, 2001
Toowoomba Australia - As we focus on the no less than a half dozen law suits being filed by various promoters, boxers and managers involved in the heavyweight division situation, there are more important things to look at in our beloved sport of boxing. One situation that I would like to bring to your attention, is not right here at home in the US, but in a town in Australia called Toowoomba. Toowoomba is Australia's second largest inland city, and home to over 90,000 people.

One of the residents of this beautiful town is a boxer by the name of Mick Betros. Now you have most likely never heard of this gentleman here in the states but he is a very well known fellow in his town which is 90 minutes east of Brisbane. For years Mick has been not only boxing as a pro, but also spending countless hours in the gym helping hone the skills of young amateur boxers. Mike won a Queensland State Title and in all had 30 fights for an even split. He is described as a solid "club fighter" who always comes to fight and is always fit.

Betros holds down a full time job and goes to school while caring for his two young sons aged 2 and 3 and also his lovely wife Jodi Betros, who is 26. Jodi is 6 months into pregnancy. On Mother's Day this year Jodi was diagnosed with cancer of the liver. The pediatricians caring for Jodi have stated that for the safety of the newborn, inducement must happen within 10 days. Jodi's chances of survival are less than 50/50 according to some close friends.

To make matters worse, if that is possible, Mick, who had been working as a bank manager, left his job several months ago to attend school in hopes of attaining a higher position in the banking field taking courses that would also certify him to teach school kids. When he left his job, he also left behind any health insurance that he had. Mick now spends everyday at his wife's bedside at a Brisbane hospital 90 minutes from home where his children are being cared for by relatives.

According to friends, Jodi does come home on weekends at the moment to see her children. The town of Toowoomba has "galvanized" behind the popular boxer, who also coordinates the local Bingo Tournament in Toowoomba, according to Craig Mordey, an Australian Boxing Promoter. "Jerry, it's a very sad case", he said "Mick and his wife Jodi have done nothing but help people their entire lives, especially the youth of the area. To see something like this come about is just heart breaking". Mordey also stated that an amateur show is scheduled for sometime in June to help raise money for the family.

Brendon Smith, who is Mick's former trainer and person running the amateur show, stated that he has already raised $15,000.00 in sponsorships. "That may seem like a lot of money to most", says Mordey, "but that kind of money is already owed or will be for the treatment and care Jodi is now undergoing". We are a sport like no other. Most of the time good and sometimes bad. But the common denominator here is Brotherhood. There is no other sport where people pull together and help a fellow athlete as in Boxing. I am a proud member of RING 99 International Veteran Boxers Association as I'm sure many others are who belong to the RING organizations around the world. Unfortunately, there is not a RING Chapter in Australia as of yet. But if we are truly "International" we, as a Brotherhood, should step up to the plate and come to the aid of a Brother in need and show just how "International" we are.

I am calling out to all RING Organizations throughout the US and elsewhere, to help this family, no matter how small your donation. Please show that we are in fact a Brotherhood and will step forward when a situation such as this warrents it. I have contacted International President, "Scoop" Galello"for addresses' and phone numbers and over the next few days, I will also be contacting officials of our Brotherhood by phone, email and "snail-mail". Think about this: The Australian dollar at the moment is worth 50 cents to the US dollar. Every dollar you contribute is worth 2 down under.

Brothers, these are some fine people. And they are proud people. "They" are not asking us for help, I, as a member of RING 99, am asking you to help with any donation you see fit. If you cannot donate, please keep Jodi, Mick and the Betros family in your prayers.

For more information on where to send donations Please contact RING 99 I.V.B.A
By Telephone at 978-459-0848
or by email at

I will shortly be posting the direct address to where donations can be sent as soon as it is established.
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