Black Dynamite
Bob Travers
"The Black Wonder"

BORN   : Charlie Jones, May 30, 1836  Norfolk, VA
(other sources report June 21, 1832 London, England) DIED : Unknown HEIGHT : 5'6" (other sources report 5' 5 ") WEIGHT : 136-138 (other sources report 168) RACE : Black
Apr 10 Jim Malvern, Throstles's Neck, England				W40 
-1 hour and 40 minutes

Oct 20 George Blake, Tibury, England					D10
-23 minutes, police intervined.
Nov 3  George Blake, Long Reach, Eng					W10
-20 minutes

Feb 5  Jesse Halton, Combo Bottom, England				W30
-1 hour and 16 minutes
May 13 George Crochett, Egham, England					W37
Aug 19 Job Cobley, Halfway Houes, England				L110
-3 hours and 27 minutes

Jun 20 Jack Cleghorne, Medway, England					W36
-1 hour and 27 minutes
May 13 Bill Hayes, Medway, England					W78
-3 hours and 45 minutes

Apr 5  Mike Madden, Ashford, England					W45
-1 hour and 37 minutes

Feb 21 Jem Mace, Thames, England					D6
-Police intervened
Feb 22 Jem Mace, Thames, England					L57
-Referee awarded the stakes to Mace when Travers fell without being hit.

Apr 30 Badger Crutchley							W3
-Police intervened and when the bout was moved to another location, Crutchley 
refused to continue.  The referee awarded the stakes to Travers.

Dec 12 Bob Tyler, London, England					W17
-1 hour and 3 minutes

Jul 15 Patsy Reardon, London, England					D7
37 minutes.  The police intervened.
Jul 16 Patsy Reardon, London, England					L53
-4 hours and 5 minutes
Aug 11 Jem Dillon, Twyford, England					D28
-One hour and 46 minutes.  The police intervened.  The referee ordered 
the fighters to meet at Wargrave Ferry.

Aug 11 Jem Dillon, Wargrave Ferry, England				D53
-2 hours and 2 minutes. Police intervened and the referee ordered the 
fighters to return to Twyford.  Dillon appeared but Travers did not.  
Dillon received the stake.

 Jack Rooke								D
 Ben Shipp								D
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