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The Cyber Boxing Zone Newswire -- AUGUST 10:2001
Chris Byrd Flying High
by Tom Stewart (TKO Tom)

I love boxing, follow it religiously, and never miss a fight (much to my fiancee's chagrin) and last night's little victory for Chris Byrd was finally the confirmation that when a top guy like David Tua with the money, networks and promoters behind him is forced to face another top-rated contender, the outcome (with honest judges) is not a certainty. It's ironic that Tua spent hundreds of thousands on training expenses, stays at the Prince Ranch Resort outside Vegas, and goes through all of the machinations of hiring dieticians and hi-tech training loses to a guy with his Mom and Dad in his corner!

I for one am "ear weary" of the same rhetoric that spews in the third person from David Tua's mouth. For every fight, "David Tua is in the shape of David Tua's life" and "David Tua is a warrior who went to boot camp to prepare". Please. The guy gets into shape for the first time in three or four years, wears army fatigues around like some type of badge, and he thinks he should be commended for that? Isn't that what he really should have been doing all along?

Bottom line is that Tua doesn't throw enough punches and still has not learned how to cut off the ring on an opponent that can move. Tua is so rudimentary and one dimensional at this point in his career that it makes me wonder if he listens or if he has a trainer who can teach him anything. Tua needs to have a guy right in front of him, stationary, and not throwing punches to be effective with his style. I'm sure Joe Goosen and Kevin Barry can see Tua pounding on a heavy bag in the gym and understand that no matter how impressive he looks - in a fight the opponent will be moving - or do they understand that?

Last night's fight was a victory in a lot of respects for the little guy in boxing. The underdog won. The establishment of big-time promoters and network money was defeated by a little guy (figuratively and literally) in Chris Byrd and it's a major shake up within the top echelons of the Heavyweight division.

And lastly, haven't the guys at America Presents been captured on network cameras a lot lately standing behind losers? It seems like every fight I've watched recently there is Dan Goosen (or some member of the family) standing behind some built up creation like David Reid, Hector Camacho, Jr., Wolfgramm or David Tua with a look of consternation and dismay trying to explain or figure out another way to spin another America Presents high profile loser.

Tom Stewart (TKO Tom)

Bangor, Maine

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