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Complete Judah-Green Undercard Results
By JD Vena

January 13, 2001
UNCASVILLE, CT - In the opening bout of the Judah-Green undercard, Emmanuel Lucero, 121 , of Bronx, NY played yo-yo with Len Martinez, 122 , of Lincoln, NE until putting him down for the 6th and final time at 2:14 of the 4th round of a scheduled 8-rounder. Lucero, a former Mexican native administered his version of a body beating until resorting to chopping head shots. Lucero improved to 15-0 with 10 KO's while Martinez dropped to 17-10-1 with 6 KO's.

Daniel Judah, 168, brother of Zab knocked out Steve Detar of Brockton, MA to improve his overall record to 9-0-1 with 5 KO's. Detar, 168, wasn't able to defend himself and submitted to referee Ken Ezzo after being dropped for the second time at 1:52 of the 3rd round. Detar's record slips under the .500 mark to 8-9-1 with 1 KO.

Justo "Sensational" Sencion, 135, of Washington Heights, NY was so-so in winning a unanimous decision over ordinary but tough Atlantan, John Trigg. Though Sencion landed the more telling punches he didn't appear willing to pull the trigger against his opponent when Trigg tried to accommodate him. As a result, Sencion did nothing to live up to his nickname or impress the audience but what counts: winning by scores of 77-74 twice and 78-73. Sencion improved to 16-0 with 9 KO's while Trigg is now 6-9-4 with 2 KO's.

In Showtime's first installment of the Olympic class of 2000, three promising Latino hopefuls made statements of their own in three co-featured bouts. Super-middleweight hopeful Jeff Lacey of St Petersburg, FL was left without an opponent when fellow novice Kevin Butts of Toledo, OH walked out (possibly to join up with Jim Holly's stable) and eager replacement, Tommy Attardo, a jr. middleweight from South Boston was scratched when his medical tests could not be confirmed. The opportunity for opening up the first of four fights on Showtime was given to Francisco "Panchito" (no relation to Frankie "Panchito" Warren) Bojado of Guadalajara, Mexico. One of two 17-year-old, baby faced assassins appearing on the card, Bojado was paired with a competitor from West Monroe, LA named Detrick Castor. Castor, 132 , showed a lot of head and upperbody movement but it wasn't enough to throw off the sharp punching Bojado. With seconds left in the first round, Bojado, 132 , dropped Castor with a quick right cross, a punch Castor didn' t see then or in the second round. Bojado cornered Castor midway through the 2nd round and blasted him into the canvas. Referee Johnny Callas saw fit to stop the one-sided fight at 1:38 of the round giving Bojado his first win as a pro. Callas is now 0-2-1. Olympic Silver medallist Ricardo "Rocky" Juarez of Houston, TX also made his professional debut last night when he was paired with Pascali Adorno, 123, of Morovis, Puerto Rico in a tough four round bout. Adorno brought with him not only 2 wins in as many bouts but the ability to switch from a conventional stance to a southpaw stance. The switching by Adorno did enough to frustrate Juarez but Rocky was still able to grind out a convincing unanimous decision. Judge and former world champion Harold "Chubby" Gomes as well as Frank Lombardi had it 40-36 while Melvina Lathan scored it 39-37 for the U.S. Olympian. Juarez was the Olympian who was duked out of a gold medal in Sydney in a match with the late Bekzat Sattarkhanov of Khazakstan.

Perhaps the most intriguing as well as the most exciting match of the night took place between Juan Diaz, another 17 year old native of Houston who nearly competed on the Mexican Olympic team last year but turned pro in the United States because of his tender age. Diaz was matched with rugged Brad Jensen of Denver, Colorado. What made Jensen such a compelling opponent wasn't the fact that he brought with him a 7-1 record, it was his ability to absorb the Mexican liver shot that was perfected by the aggressive Diaz. While Diaz, 140 , was dishing out punishment it was the Denver native who was showing mile-high heart. In their 6 round contest, Diaz' sting never softened up as the crowd winced each time his shots landed to the midsection. But Diaz' surprise, it was Jensen's will that never let up either. Though the judges awarded Diaz each round (as the CBZ also did), it was a moral victory for Jensen who showed Kevin Butts what it's like to make the most of your televised opportunity. Diaz won his 7th bout and was extended the distance for only the second time.

Main Events rep Gary Shaw was calling Bojado, Lacy, Juarez and Diaz part of Judah's "Hit Squad" and hopes to bring these fighters back to Showtime up to four times this year.

Promoter - Main Events
Network - Showtime
Venue - Mohegan Sun Casino

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