WAIL! | The CBZ Journal | February 2004

Table of Contents

Editor's Letter: We're Back
By Mike DeLisa

Poem of the Month
By Tom Smario

The Cinderella Man
Compiled by Mike DeLisa

Stars and Stripes Down Under: A Century of American Boxers in New Zealand
By Orion Foote

Touching Gloves With Armando Muniz
By Dan Hanley

Boxing: Why We Love It
By Tom Donelson

Hap Navarro and the California Quartet [PDF]
By Don Cogswell

Thoughts on Sparring
By John Scully

Ranking the Heavyweights: From Louis to Lewis
By Frank Lotierzo

Boxing on the Big Screen
By Tom Donelson

Chris Grays: Conversations From the Undercard
By Ted Kluck

Tommy Burns: "He of the Terrible Right Hand"
By Tracy Callis

And Then There Were Three
By Jim Amato

Interview With Harry Arroyo
By Jim Amato

Hellinger on Griffo
By Mark Hellinger

The Last Story: A Personal Tribute to Dick Dunn
By Orion Foote


                         I've been in the ring with the best of all men.
                         Some say the best of all time.
                         In boxing you're only as good as your last fight.
                         So you're only as good as your time.

                         In the ring with Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali,
                         is a memory I look on with pride.
                         I fought with my heart, but needed much more. 
                         The bridesmaid, but never the bride.

                         I look at my past, great memories abound,
                         for I fought I bled and I cried. I gave my 
                         all round after round and the World knows
                         I tried. 

                                                     —Jerry Quarry

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