WAIL! | The CBZ Journal | March 2005


Who's Hosin' Who?
Guest Editorial by Dan Hanley

Poem of the Month
By Tom Smario

Million Dollar Heist
By J.D. Vena

Flynn Outfoxes the Feds
By Robert Carson

Divorced but not Forgotten
By Ron Lipton

A Different Kind of Fight Night
By Ted Kluck

Touching Gloves With...
"Irish" Gil King

By Dan Hanley

A Look Back: Larry Boardman
By Dan Cuoco

The Sweet Science
Reviewed by Katherine Dunn

Cinderella Man [PDF]
By Michael DeLisa

The Good Professor [PDF]
By Don Cogswell

Flashback to the 2004 Hall of
Fame Inductions

Pictorial by Dan Hanley


   By A.J. Liebling;
   Reviewed by Katherine Dunn

  Joe Liebling was a fat little guy who
  loved boxing. He was born in New
  York City in 1904 with his tongue in
  his cheek and spats on his feet. He
  never let his bankerish pinstriped
  heritage interfere with his love of a
  good joke, a good meal, or a good
  fight. Gifted with classical erudition
  and a taste for vulgar company,
  Liebling was expelled from Dartmouth
  College and fired by The New York
s before he parlayed his
  bohemian inclinations into a lengthy
  career writing for The New Yorker.
  [Read more]

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