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November 2002
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CBZ Book Review:

The Boxing Register (3rd ed)
By James B. Roberts, Alexander G. Skutt

Reviewed By Mike DeLisa

Some 6 years ago I reviewed the first edition of the Boxing Register.

Now in its Third Edition, this record book is shaping up to be the cornerstone of any budding boxing enthusiasts. Each and every member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame is profiled; many Champions have full records while others have selected bouts.

With each edition the criticisms I rendered in my first review have been addressed - and I refuse to stoop to quibbles!

The book continues its excellent layout and the photos are well placed and often unfamiliar to even the hard-core fan. I would think that this book probably is the entry point for new fans of the history of the sport. So, a half a decade later, I would like to repeat - "The Boxing Register has found a home on my well-stocked bookshelf. It is loaded with information about all of the top fighters of the past 200 years. Its strength lies with its profiles of the lighter weight fighters and their records. Even the most casual fan should pick this one up."


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