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Title Fight 2001 on CD ROM for Personal Computers
Reviewed by Mike DeLisa

Even though GorDoom and I have been running this website for 6 years, the both of us remain confirmed Luddites; even the basic manipulation of computers is difficult for us, though GorDoom blames it on the fact that I am PC-based while he has a Mac. (Yet, when i asked him to send an ascii text file to me recently, he reacted as if I suddenly began preaching something from the Dead Sea Scrolls in ancient Aramaic. With Essene serenity he replied "What the Eff are you talking about?")

Nevertheless, when the Trunzo's released the newest version of Title Fight, I jumped at the chance to obtain a copy. For years, the Trunzo's have been the leaders in boxing simulations and i knew that they had poured countless hours into the new version.

The Trunzo's are marketing Title Fight 2001 not as a “game” but as a heavily researched time-tested simulation of the sport of professional boxing. It lives up to that description.

First, I actually loaded the game and ripped off a couple of matches within 5 minutes of openiung the package. (Truth to tell, it tool me longer to peel off the shrinkwrap than to load the game!)

This simulation boasts numerous individual statistics and categories, making it the most accurate simulation produced. The versatility of Title Fight 2001 is unparalleled, covering almost every aspect of the sport in order to create the world of boxing in its most definitive form.

Among other things, you can set the stategy for each fighter before each round. The computer then processes the fight and outputs a text description of the round.

Here are just a few of Title Fight 2001’s features:

  • Almost 2000 fighters including retired, active and women boxers
  • Ability to edit existing fighters and add your own
  • Auto-scheduler that allows you set up 1 fight or 10,000 fights
  • Create “dream fights” across eras or stage future bouts before they happen
  • Bet on your favorite fighters and track your earnings
  • Rated referees, corner men and more

    I would have liked to see the ability to play another person -- perhaps via the internet or on a network. Also, since all of the variables were taken from actual fighters, i would have liked to see either the actual record of the fighter included or the ability to insert it -- you can insert a photo of a fighter, so i don't see why you can't insert a text record.

    For more details on Title Fight 2001, including screen shots and more, visit their web site, Electronic Boxing Weekly at www.boxmag.com.

    To Order by e-mail, contact Tom Trunzo, aramat@kiski.net.

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