12/2/00: Trinidad brutalizes Vargas

12/1/00: Hopkins shows true grit/Barrera ready for Hamed

11/11/00: Lewis tames Tua/Etienne-Clay-Bey brawl

11/4/00: Mosley outclasses Diaz

10/20/00: Golota's career ends in disgrace

10/7/00: Deja Vu: Ayala edges Tapia on cards

10/7/00: Johnson over Maskaev in huge upset

9/9/00: Roy Jones tops night of boring fights

9/9/00: Derrick Gainer given title belt by bonehead ref

9/2/00: Corrales steals top spot from Mayweather

9/2/00: Morales stops Kelley for bogus WBC title

8/26/00: Vargas proves ready for Trinidad

8/19/00: Hamed's power had final say

8/12/00: Holyfield's title more fradulent than expected

8/5/00: Judah thrills fans, ravages Millett

7/29/00: Tszyu opens Chavez' eyes to reality

7/22/00: Trinidad mauls Thiam

7/15/00: Lewis skins the White Buffalo

6/24/00: Tyson unleashes his rage on Savarese

6/17/00: Mosley pounds on DelaHoya

6/3/00: Deja vu: Tua KO1

5/20/00: Maskaev and Rahman on course for rematch

4/15/00: Vargas passes the Quartey test

4/1/00: Klitschko throws away his career

3/18/00: Mayweather bores while Corrales attacks

3/11/00: Hamed blows out Bungu

3/3/00: Trinidad takes Reid to school

2/26/00: DelaHoya and Gatti: No need for judges

2/19/00: Barrera and Morales wage war

2/12/00: Tszyu and Judah on course for showdown

1/29/00: Tyson destroys what?

1/22/00: Mosley and Forrest climb welter ladder

1/15/00: Jones makes it look easy (again)

1/8/00: Tapia: Champion Again


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