Dick Burke
(Richard Dominic Burke)
("Wonder Boy Of The North")

BORN   September 16 1912; Liverpool, England
DIED   1989 (age 76)
WEIGHT 115 lbs

Burke fought his first professional bout when he was sixteen, after only eight amateur contests for the Everton Red Triangle Club; During his career, he engaged in 73 contests in a five year career

In battle, Burke was a hard-hitting two handed fighter who could dish it out and take it too; He was as game as they come in the heat of competition

During his career, Burke tangled with such men as Bert Kirby, Dominic Bernasconi, "Panama" Al Brown (twice), Dick Corbett, Johnny King, Cuthbert Taylor, Jimmy O'Neill and Johnny McMillan

After retiring from the ring, during World War II, Burke served as a Physical Training Instructor with the Royal Air Force in East Africa; He boxed exhibitions at the age of 40

Jun 20 Paddy Dowling              Liverpool, Eng                    W   
Jul 11 Paddy Dowling              Liverpool, Eng                    W   
Aug 12 Alf Shaw                   Liverpool, Eng                    W   
Sep  6 Spike Bradley              Liverpool, Eng                   TK  8
Sep 20 Willie Sharkey             Liverpool, Eng                    W   
Oct 10 Jackie Quinn               Liverpool, Eng                    D   
Oct 31 Percy Dexter               Liverpool, Eng                    L   

Feb 20 Percy Dexter               Liverpool, Eng                    L   
Mar 27 Tiny Driscoll              Liverpool, Eng                   KO  3
Apr 10 Johnny McGunn              Liverpool, Eng                    W 15
Apr 24 Bert "Tiger" Ison          Liverpool, Eng                    W 15
Apr 27 Joe Myers                  Royton, Eng                       D   
May 19 Jackie Quinn               Liverpool, Eng                    W   
Jun 26 Tommy Kirk                 Liverpool, Eng                    W 15
Jul 17 Joe Myers                  Liverpool, Eng                    W 15
Aug  4 Fred Griffiths             Blackpool, Eng                    W   
Aug 14 Joe Myers                  Liverpool, Eng                    L   
Oct  9 Tommy Brown                Liverpool, Eng                   KO  2
Oct 23 Joe Myers                  Liverpool, Eng                    W 15
Nov 21 Boy Edge                   Manchester, Eng                   W 15
Dec 11 Andy Devine                Liverpool, Eng                    D 12

Jan  1 Young Siki                 Liverpool, Eng                    W 12
Jan 29 Johnny Gibson              Liverpool, Eng                   TK  2
Feb 12 Bert Kirby                 Liverpool, Eng                    W   
Feb 26 George Aziz                New Brighton, Eng                TK  7
       -Some sources report 2/25/31
Mar 12 Marcel Pothier             New Brighton, Eng                TK  9
Apr 16 Archie Woodbine            New Brighton, Eng                KO  4
       -Some sources report 4/18/31
Apr 27 Joe Mendiola               Manchester, Eng                   W 15
May 14 Spike Bradley              Liverpool, Eng                   KO  7
May 18 Boy Edge                   Birmingham, Eng                  TK 15
Jun 11 Percy Dexter               Liverpool, Eng                   TK  7
Jul 21 Jim Crawford               Southport, Eng                    W   
Aug 11 George Morgan              Southport, Eng                   KO  3
Sep  8 Terence Morgan             Southport, Eng                   KO 10
Sep 21 Tom Crowley                Manchester, Eng                  KO  1
Oct  1 Johnny Peters              Liverpool, Eng                    W 12
Nov 10 Harry "Little" Minor       Sheffield, Eng                   KO  8
Dec  7 Billy Yates                Manchester, Eng                  TK  3
Dec 21 Johnny Peters              Manchester, Eng                   L 12

Jan 18 Benny Thackeray            Leeds, Eng                        W 15
Feb 15 Johnny King                Manchester, Eng                   L 15
Mar 21 Bob Watson                 Manchester, Eng                  TK  7
Mar    Bud Walley                 Leeds, Eng                      SCH   
       -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
May  2 Dick Corbett               Manchester, Eng                   D 15
Jun 13 Kid Johns                  Liverpool, Eng                   KO  1
Jul 16 Martin Gallagher           Birkenhead, Eng                  KO  1
Jul 31 Harry Hill                 Sheffield, Eng                   TK  3
       -Some sources report 7/30/32
Sep 25 Bob Lamb                   Leeds, Eng                       TK  8
Oct 23 Sonny Lee                  Leeds, Eng                        L 12
Nov  6 Len Wickwar                Leeds, Eng                       KO  1
Nov 11 Cuthbert Taylor            Liverpool, Eng                    W 12
Dec  1 "Panama" Al Brown          Sheffield, Eng                    L 10
       -Some sources report "L 12"
Dec 18 Billy Hazel                Leeds, Eng                       KO  1
Dec 29 Billy Gannon               Liverpool, Eng                    D 15

Jan 30 Billy Reynolds             Manchester, Eng                  LF  1
Jan 30 Jack Richardson            Manchester, Eng                   W  6
       -The previous 2 bouts were held the same date
Mar 13 Cuthbert Taylor            Manchester, Eng                   W   
Mar 23 Phineas John               Sheffield, Eng                   LT 12
       -Some sources report 3/25/33
May 14 "Panama" Al Brown          Grimsby, Eng                     LT 12
       -Some sources report 5/13/33
Jul  3 Dominic Bernasconi         Manchester, Eng                   W 10
Jul 24 Pat Cassidy                Manchester, Eng                  TK  9
Aug 21 Phineas John               Manchester, Eng                   W 12
Oct  9 Louis Botes                Manchester, Eng                  LT  7
Nov  9 Johnny McMillan            Liverpool, Eng                   LT  1
Dec 11 Boy Aldridge               Manchester, Eng                   L   

Mar  4 Boy Aldridge               Leeds, Eng                        L   
Mar 12 Benny Sharkey              Newcastle, Eng                   LT  8
Mar 22 Albert Roothooft           Rotherham, Eng                   LT  9

Feb 10 Chris Webster              Ormskirk, Eng                     D  6

Nov 30 Harry McAuley              Liverpool, Eng                   TK  4

*** Most Data Was Provided By Stephen Barr, Grandson (of Fairfax, Va) *** 

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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