John Scholes

BORN    December 23, 1843; Moat, Queens County, Ireland
HEIGHT  5-11 1/2
WEIGHT  175 lbs
RACE    White; Irish-Canadian

Scholes was an all-around athlete who was involved actively in several sports; As a boxer, he was quick and scientific

          -Scholes moved to Canada; He lived in Toronto most of his life

          -Scholes learned boxing as a youth

Undated (1868-1885)
       Tom Kelly                 in Canada                            EX  

       Patsy Reardon             in Canada                            EX  
       Charles Perkins           in Canada                            EX  
       Charles McDonald          in Canada                            EX  

          -Scholes boxed a number of minor opponents in exhibition bouts

Jul    Steve Taylor              Toronto, Ont, Canada                 EX  
Jul    Jem Mace                  Toronto, Ont, Canada                 EX   

Undated (1877-1885)
       Tom Allen                 Montreal, Que, Canada                EX  4
          -Some sources report "D 4"
       Bob Berry                 Brooklyn, NY                          W  

Feb 23 Charlie Mitchell          Toronto, Ont, Canada                  L  4

Sep 14 Billy Ferguson            Toronto, Ont, Canada                 KO  
          -This was a street fight
Nov  4 Jake Kilrain              Toronto, Ont, Canada                  D  4
          -Scholes was in excellent shape; Kilrain was
          fat and out of condition; Some sources report
         "EX 4"

Jan  8 Jem Mace                  Toronto, Ont, Canada                 EX  3

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian
International Boxing Research Organization
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