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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer


Jimmy Anthony

BORN   May 1873; Castlemaine, Victoria, Australia
DIED September 17 1955; San Francisco, California
WEIGHT 109-112 lbs
Anthony was a stocky, sturdy, tough bantamweight from Australia who often tangled with heavier men; He came to America to fight with Jimmy Barry for the World Bantam title in 1897; During his career, he won the Bantamweight Championship of Australia

Jimmy defeated such men as Casper Leon, Jack Lynch, Alf Levy and Danny Mahoney

Mar  5 Dos Patterson              Sydney, NSW, Aus                    W  5

          -Anthony won a
140 Pound Competition at Melbourne, Vic, Aus

       Sutherland                 Port Melbourne, Vic, Aus            W  3
       McShane                                                        W  4
       Micko Walsh                                                    W  8
       Tim Hegarty                Melbourne, Vic, Aust                D 20

       Kerr                                                           W  1

       Tim Hegarty                in Australia                       LK 16
          -Some sources report "L 16"

       Charley Gibbs                                                  W  5
       Mates Dawson                                                  TK  1
       Fitzmaurice Bendigo                                           KO  8
          -Fitzmaurice was 14 pounds heavier
       Mickey Peach                                                  KO  
       Mickey Peach                                                  KO  
       Mickey Peach                                                  KO  
          -Anthony knocked Peach out three times
       Alf Levy                                                      TK  5
          -Levy's corner threw in the towel

Jun 28 Danny Mahoney              San Francisco, Ca                  KO  9
          -Some sources report "KO 8"
Sep 19 Casper Leon                Brooklyn, NY                       EX  3
Nov  7 Danny Coughlin             Philadelphia, Pa                   ND  4
          -Some sources report "W 4" vs. "Dan Coglan"
Nov 16 Jack Lynch                 Philadelphia, Pa                   ND  4
Dec 12 Dave O'Connor              Paterson, NJ                        W  8

       Frank Smith                San Francisco, Ca                   W  1

Jan 17 Maxie Haugh                Brooklyn, NY                        D  8
Oct 16 George Carkeek             San Francisco, Ca                  KO  3
Dec 14 Jack Ward                  San Francisco, Ca                   L 10

Apr 23 Jimmy Barry                San Francisco, Ca                   L 20
          -Bantamweight Championship of the World;
           Some sources report 4/27/97

Jun 17 Jimmy Lawler               San Francisco, Ca                   D 10
          -Lawler should have received the verdict

Jan 18 Mickey Welch               Seattle, Wa                         W 12
          -Some sources report 1/19/00

Feb 26 Mississippi                San Francisco, Ca                  LK  1
          -Some sources report "LK 2"

Jan 24 Jack Burke                 Philadelphia, Pa                   ND  6
Feb  3 Charley Dunner             Philadelphia, Pa                   KO  1
Feb 24 Tommy Carey                Philadelphia, Pa                   ND  6

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       Frank Smith                                                    W  1
       Danny Mahoney                                                  W  8

       Casper Leon                New York, NY                       KO  2
Dec  4 Jack Ward                  Baltimore, Md                       L 10

*** Photo And Some Data Was Provided By Alan Knox ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization