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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Henry Baker

   BORN 1868; Kansas City, Missouri (Some sources report 1866 at Chicago, Illinois)
  DIED October 8 1908; Kansas City, Missouri (run over by train; Some sources report October 9 1908; Another source reports January 1961; San Francisco, California)
  HEIGHT 5-9
  WEIGHT 158-195 lbs
  MANAGER Jim Browne

Baker was a rugged, short and stocky, rushing type of fighter who liked to get inside where he could brawl and throw heavy lefts and rights; He acquired his nickname by knocking out and killing cattle in a Chicago slaughterhouse by hitting them between the eyes with his fists

During his career, he defeated such men as  Joe Butler, Jim Hall, Dick Moore, Mike Queenan, Billy Woods, Mike Brennan, Fred Morris and Jack Stelzner

Sep  3 Tommy Ryan                 Grand Rapids, Mi                 LK  3

Jun  1 Joe Tansey                 Chicago, Il                      KO  5
Jul 18 Montana Kid (Dan Egan)     Chicago, Il                      TK  2
          -Some sources report "KO 3"
       Denny Kelliher                                              KO  1
          -Some sources report "W 1"
Sep  2 Tim Qualey                 Chicago, Il                      KO  1
          -Some sources report "Tim Quailly"
Sep 28 Billy McMillan             Chicago, Il                      EX  3

Jan 12 Con Riordan                Chicago, Il                       D  4
          -Some sources report "W 4"
Jan 31 Dan Cahill                 Buffalo, NY                      KO  3
Feb  1 Dan Kalb                   Chicago, Il                      KO   
Feb 15 Jack Dalton                Chicago, Il                     SCH    
          -The previous bout was schduled but cancelled
Apr 18 Bob Fitzsimmons            Chicago, Il                      EX   
Apr 20 Bob Fitzsimmons            Chicago, Il                     SCH   
Apr 21 Bob Fitzsimmons            Chicago, Il                     SCH   
          -The previous 2 bouts were scheduled; The outcomes are not known
Apr 23 Bob Fitzsimmons            Chicago, Il                      EX   
Jun  6 Dick Moore                 Millington, Il                   LK  7
          -This bout was held near Chicago, Il;
           Some sources report 6/05/92
Nov 20 Dick Moore                 Chicago, Il                      KO 15
          -Some sources report 11/24/92;
           Some sources report "W 15"
Dec 19 Jack King                  Chicago, Il                      KO  6
          -Some sources report "W 2";
           Some sources report "KO 2"

Jan 23 Bob Fitzsimmons            Chicago, Il                     SCH   
          -The previous bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
May  8 Frank Kellar               Chicago, Il                       W  6
          -Some sources report "W 3"
Jul 31 William Mayo               Roby, In                         KO  6
          -Mayo was about 15 lbs heavier
Oct 30 Mike Queenan               Chicago, Il                      KO  2
          -Some sources report "W 3"
Nov 13 Frank "Dutch" Neal         Chicago, Il                     SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held
Nov 13 George Allen               Chicago, Il                      ND  4

Mar 12 Frank Kellar               Chicago, Il                       W  8
Jun  5 Jack Reagan                                                 KO  3
          -Some sources report "W 1"
Aug  4 James Jarding              Dubuque, Il                      KO  3
Sep 17 Billy Woods                Chicago, Il                       W  8
          -Reports vary - "W 7" - "KO 7" - "KO 8
Nov 15 Jim Hall                   Chicago, Il                       W  4
          -Some sources report 11/16/94
           Some sources report "EX 4";
           Baker lasted and claimed win
Dec  5 Billy Stift                Milwaukee, Wi                    EX  6

Mar 19 Jack Rogan                 Peru, Il                         ND  2
          -Police intervened
Apr  8 Dan Creedon                Chicago, Il                       D  8
          -Some sources report "D 6" 
Jun  9 George Curtis              Lake Station, Wi                  W  4
          -Some sources report "Jack Curtis"
Jul 13 Mike Brennan               near Milwaukee, Wi               TK  1
          -Some sources report "W 1"; Police intervened;
          Some sources report "ND 1"

Jan 15 Tommy Ryan                 Grand Rapids, Mi                  L  3
          -Some sources report 1/16/96; Police intervened
Mar 24 Yank Kenny                 Cleveland, Oh                    TK  1
          -Some sources report "W 1"; Police intervened
Apr 25 Fred Morris                New York, NY                     KO  2
Jun 27 Joe Butler                 Williamsburg, NY                 KO  1
Jul 20 Frank "Paddy" Slavin       Philadelphia, Pa                  D  6
Oct 23 Dan Creedon                New York, NY                      L 20
Nov 20 Charley Strong             Brooklyn, NY                      D 10
          -Reports vary - 6/20/96 - 6/29/96;
           Reports vary - "D 8" - "LK 10"

       Tommy Gibbs                                                  W  3
       Martin Shaughnessy                                           W  4
          -Some sources report "W 3"
       Mike Dunn                                                    W  4
          -Some sources report "W 1"
       Mike Dolpher                                                 W  3
       Patsy Rooney                                                KO  2
          -Some sources report "W 2"
       Dave Brown                                                  KO  2
          -Some sources report "W 2"
       Tom O'Donnell                                                W  3
          -Some sources report "W 5"
       Taffy Dennis                                                 W  4
       Paddy Brennan                                                W  6
       Jack Tierney                                                KO  2
          -Some sources report "W 2"
       Pat Burke                                                   KO  1
          -Some sources report "W 1"
       Charley Strong                                               L 10
          -Perhaps, this is the 11/20/96 bout

Jan 23 Joe Butler                 Philadelphia, Pa                 LK  1
          -Reports vary - "ND 1" - "L 1"
Jan 30 Joe Butler                 Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
          -Reports vary - 3/19/97 - 3/23/97;
          Butler claimed a win; Baker denied this
May 18 Jim Jeffries               San Francisco, Ca                LT  9
Jun 10 Frank "Paddy" Slavin       San Francisco, Ca                EX  3
Jul  2 John Miller                San Francisco, Ca                KO  8
Aug 11 Tom Ball                   San Francisco, Ca                 W  7
          -Some sources report "Richard Ball" on 8/19/97;
           Bell ran the whole match and would not fight
           despite frequent warnings; Referee Alec Greggains
           finally stopped the contest and awarded the win
           to Baker
Nov 13 Theodore Van Buskirk       Marysville, Ca                    D 10

Apr 13 Tom Sharkey                Vallejo, Ca                      EX  8
Apr 25 Tom Sharkey                Vallejo, Ca                      EX   
Apr 26 -Baker sparred regularly with Tom Sharkey during Apr 26-May 5
May  6 Jack Stelzner              San Francisco, Ca                WF  5
          -Some sources report "WF 6" on 5/07/98
May  9 Tom Sharkey                San Francisco, Ca                EX  1
          -This bout was part of a play, The Ensign
Sep 24 Frank Childs               Chicago, Il                      LK  3
          -Some sources report 5/24/98

       Tom Lansing                                                 LT  5
          -Some sources report "L 5"

Jan 31 Max Martin                 Chicago, Il                      NC  1
          -Some sources report "ND 1";
           The men were faking
Mar 31 Klondike (John Haynes)     Chicago, Il                       L  6

       Tom "Jabber" Carey                                           L 20

Apr 25 Bob Long                   Kansas City, Mo                  LK  8

*** The Following Bout Is Reported But Not Confirmed ***

Jan    Joe Butler                 Philadelphia, Pa                 ND  6
          -This bout is possibly the 1/30/97 bout
       Denny Kelliher                                              TK  1
          -Some sources report "W 1"

*** Much Data Was Provided By Willam Schutte ***

*** Photo And Some Data Was Provided By Alan Knox ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization