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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Wolf Bendoff
(Woolf Bendoff)

BORN    circa 1855; London, England (Spitalfields)
HEIGHT  5-11
WEIGHT  175-190 lbs
RACE    White; Jewish-American

Bendoff was a true globe-trotter, who boxed in Europe, America, Africa, and Australia; He was a dangerous, rough, and tough slugger due to his exceptionally long arms

Data from his time period is difficult to track down; There are a number of references to his being Heavyweight Champion of the World, Heavyweight Champion of England and Heavyweight Champion of Africa

Dec    John Knifton               London, England                   L  3

       Jem Griffith               in England             (2:00:00) TK 59
       Jem Hickey                 in England               (17:00) TK 18
       Pat Harrigan               Woolwich, England        (22:00) TK 16
       an unnamed opponent        in England                        W   
       an unnamed opponent        in England                        W   
       an unnamed opponent        in England                        W   
          -Bendoff beat the previous 3 men on the same night
           in an Open English Competition
       Jim Young                  in England                (6:00) TK  7
       Harry Langham              San Antonio, Tx                   W  4
       Johnson                                                      D  4

Apr 21 Jerry Murphy               Boston, Ma                        D  4
May 12 Mike Dyer                  Boston, Ma                        W  4
          -Some sources report "D 4" vs "Mickey Dyer"
May 26 Mike Dyer                  Boston, Ma                        L  4
Oct 14 John Knifton               London, England        (1:20:00) LT 10
          -Reports vary - "L 3" - "NC 3";
           Queensberry rules and gloves were used;
           Police intervened
Dec 17 Jem Smith                  London, England          (48:00) LT 12
          -Smith broke his hand in the third round; 
           Some sources report "LT 13"

Aug 11 Charles "Toff" Wall        London, England                  EX  3

          -Bendoff had several fights in which he did not fare well

Nov  3 Jack Burke                 Melbourne, Vic, Australia         D  6
          -Some sources "L 6" on report 11/03/89; Burke was injured;

Jul 25 James Robertson Couper     Port Elizabeth, Trans, SAfrica   LT 26
          -Reports vary - 7/26/89 - 7/29/89;
           Some sources report "LT 27"
Nov 25 Peter Jackson              Plymouth, England                EX  3
Nov 26 Peter Jackson              Plymouth, England                EX  3
Nov 27 Peter Jackson              Plymouth, England                EX  3
Nov 29 Peter Jackson              Portsmouth, England              LT  2
Dec    Peter Jackson              Portsmouth, England              EX  2

May 23 -Bendoff was committed to prison at Liverpool, Eng for the
           attempted murder of Bill Allerton; Bendoff cut and maimed
           this man with a butcher knife; Bendoff is said to have
           challenged Bill Slavin, Bill Dunn and Frank Craig during
           his career

Aug 14 Jim Jeffries               London, England                 SCH   
Aug 22 Jim Jeffries               London, England                 SCH   
          -The previous 2 bouts were scheduled; The outcomes are not known

Jan 24 Gus Ruhlin                 Baltimore, Md                    LK  2

Undated (1895-1900)
       Ben Taylor                 in England                        L   
          -This bout was held prior to 1901

Apr 16 Jack Scales                London, Eng                      LK  3

Apr    Jem Mace                   London, Eng                      EX  4

          -Bendoff testified in court that he was a former
           heavyweight champion of the world

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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