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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

George William "Biddy" Bishop

BORN   c. 1868-1869; Covington, Kentucky; Fought out of Houston, Texas (Some sources report born in San Francisco, California)
DIED October 18 1941; San Francisco, California (heart attack)
HEIGHT 5-7 1/2
WEIGHT 118 lbs

Bishop was a boxer, manager and promoter among many other trades; He actually teamed briefly with Jack "Doc" Kearns in a business venture during his life
During his career, he defeated such men as Eddie Smith, George Higgs and "Denver" Ed Woods

Bishop was manager of Billy Weeks, "Young Peter Jackson, Al Neal, Dick O'Brien, Tony Irwin, Louie Long, Perry Queenan, Aurelio Herrera and Leslie "Wildcat" Carter

       Eddie Smith                                                 KO 10

Mar 10 -Philadelphia Item reported -- George W. "Biddy" Bishop is anxious to
          fight any featherweight in America at 118 lbs; He is said to have been
          born at Covington, Ky and is now 25 years old; He claims to have held
          the 105-lb Amateur Championship of Ohio for four years, winning it at 
          14 years of age; His record in the Houston (Tx) Post, where works
          as a stereotyper, claims many victories in the North, West, and 
          Pacific Coast; Draws with Solly Smith and Cal McCarthy are included;
          He is 5-7 1/2.

           ** Biddy Bishop used to write articles for Ring Magazine

Apr  1 "Denver" Ed Woods          Riverside, Tx                    KO  7
          -This was a rattling, bloody fight near Trinity, Tx;
          The men were scheduled to fight at Trinity but the Sheriff intervened; 
          They went to a woods and fought; Los Angeles Times reports "near
          Trinidad, Texas"

Jul    George Higgs               Rossland, BC, Canada              W 10
Aug 16 Mose LaFontise             Butte, Mt                        LK  3

Jun  5 -Bishop is said to have arrived in the Klondike; While there, he climbed
          the Chilkoot Pass, considered to be the real test of a "stampeder"

Apr 17 Aurelio Herrera            Bakersfield, Ca                  LK  3

          -Bishop moved to Spokane from San Francisco shortly after the 
           San Francisco earthquake

          -Bishop worked for the TACOMA DAILY NEWS and, by 1914, became 
          its Sports Editor; Later, became a well-known referee and promoter in 
          Seattle and Tacoma; Afterwards, moved to Ohio, where he managed 
          boxers and promoted fights 

          -Bishop joined the Sourdough Stampede Association

*** Photo And Some Data Provided By William Schutte ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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