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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Hugh "Hughey" Boyle
(Hugh F. Boyle

BORN   October 20 1867; Lancashire, England (lived in Elizabeth, New Jersey from July 1873 on; Some sources report Boyle was from Manchester, England)
WEIGHT 105-130 lbs


Dec 22 James Carey                New York, NY                      LT  4
          -Both men were bloody with smashed noses

       Tommy "Spider" Kelly       Westchester, NY                    D  9
Aug 25 Billy Davis                New York, NY                      LK  9
          -Bantamweight Championship of the World
Dec 24 Tommy "Spider" Kelly       Harlem, NY                        KO  8
          -Bantamweight (105 lbs) Championship of America;
           Some sources report Bantamweight Championship
           of the World; Some sources report 10/08/1887 in 
           Gloucester, NY

Feb 25 Jack Dinan                 Staten Island, NY                 TK  9
          -Boyle claimed the Bantamweight Championship
May 20 Mike Coburn                Staten Island, NY                 LT 26
          -London Prize ring rules were used;
           Boyle refused to come out for round 26;
           He claimed a leg injury

          -Boyle retired and went back to his trade as a painter 
          (only to return later)

Jan  5 -Boyle challenged any Bantamweight pugilist in the world
          to a "finish" fight
Oct    Michael "Chappie" Moran    Hoboken, NJ                      SCH   
          -Boyle was scheduled to spar with Moran during the
           week of Oct 7-12 1889
Oct 23 Young Meyers               near New York, NY                SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known

Mar 20 George Graham              near Pittsburgh, Pa               KO 12
          -This bout was held on the steamboat called "Verena" 
           on the Allegheny River; The men fought cautiously 
           at first; Then, Graham started making rushes at 
           Boyle who countered them well; Boyle fought with 
           excellent judgment and when Graham tired, he made 
           an effort to push matters; The last three rounds, 
           Boyle knocked Graham around the ring before
           downing him twice and finally knocking him down 
           and out; Graham was the "Champion Lightweight of 
Mar 21 Steve Cunningham           Philadelphia, Pa                  ND   
May  6 Tommy "Spider" Kelly       Quinnsport, NY                    EX  3
Jun  7 Eddie Avery                near Brooklyn, NY                 LK 12
          -Some sources report "Woodside, NY"; Some sources report 6/09/1890
Oct 27 Eddie Avery                Elizabeth, NJ                     EX   
          -Some sources report "ND" on 8/27/1890

Nov 16 Eddie Curry                Brooklyn, NY                      LK  3

Jan  3 Jim Flynn                  Wrightsville, NJ                  KO 12
          -This bout was held in a barn with the ring outlined by bales of hay
Feb  6 Pete Gillen                Philadelphia, Pa                 SCH   
Feb 13 Pete Gillen                Philadelphia, Pa                 SCH   
Feb 27 Douglas Carberry           Philadelphia, Pa                 SCH   
Feb 29 Pete Gillen                Philadelphia, Pa                 SCH   
Apr  8 Steve Cunningham           Philadelphia, Pa                 SCH   
          -The previous 5 bouts were scheduled; The outcomes are not known
Apr 16 Charley Kelly              New York, NY                     SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known;
           New York (NY) Sun reported Boyle claimed a win
Dec 28 Connie Sullivan            Brooklyn, NY                       L 10

Feb 18 -Fred Schank, of Elizabeth, New Jersey, challenged any 
          115 pound man in the world to a bout; Boyle accepted 
          at 114 pounds
Mar  8 Jimmy McReavy              Philadelphia, Pa                   L  4
Mar 22 Barney Riley               Philadelphia, Pa                  LK  3
          -Riley was too fast for Boyle;
           Some sources report "LT 2";
           Other sources report "L 2"
Mar 26 -Boyle challenged any man in the world to a bout at 120 lbs

May  7 John Montroy               Philadelphia, Pa                   L  3
Sep 27 Frank Burke                Philadelphia, Pa                   W  6
Oct 26 -Boyle challenged Beech, of England; Beech accepted;
          They were scheduled to meet in Dec or Jan, probably 
          at the "Bolingbroke AC"; The outcome is not known

Mar  6 -Boyle challenged Thomas "Pedlar" Palmer to a bout

Jan 18 Emile Moore                West Brighton, NY                SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known;
           Some sources report 1/24/1897
Mar  6 Charley Roden              New York, NY                      LT  7
          -Boyle substituted for "Bobby Quade";
           Some sources report "LT 6" at "Brooklyn, NY"

       Morris Rauch                                                 LK  2

*** The Following Bout Is Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       Billy Plimmer                                               SCH   
       Charles "Cal" McCarthy                                      SCH   
          -The previous 2 bouts were scheduled; The outcomes are not known

       Tommy "Spider" Kelly                                          W   

*** Much Data Was Provided By William Schutte ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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