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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Walter Burgo

BORN 1867; Fought out of Boston, Massachusetts
WEIGHT 130-140 lbs



Burgo was a stubborn fighter who had an fair career; Despite some bad outings, he kept fighting for eight years, then stopped; But, three years later returned for a few contests

During his career, Burgo defeated Joe Grim, Billy Needham and Crocky Boyle

Sep 27 Christy Martin               Danbury, Ct                       W  6
Nov 11 Jack McGovern                Hartford, Ct                     KO  2
Nov 19 Joe Mullins                  Newmarket Junction, NH           LK  3

Jan 18 George Siddons               Bridgeport, Ct                    L 10
          -Some sources report "D 10"
Jul 14 John Butler                  Boston, Ma                       LT  2
Aug 11 Jack Fox                     Brooklyn, NY                      D 10
Aug 27 Larry Becker                 Brooklyn, NY                      D 20
Sep 22 Black Griffo                 Brooklyn, NY                      D 10
Oct  6 Mike Hauser                  Brooklyn, NY                     KO  7
Oct 15 George "Elbows" McFadden     Brooklyn, NY                      D 20
Oct 17 Billy Needham                Brooklyn, NY                     WF 18
Oct 31 Jimmy Clare                  Brooklyn, NY                     LF  7
Nov 11 Bob Dwyer                    New York, NY                    SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
Nov 11 Bob Gormley                  New York, NY                      L 10

Jan  2 Tony Cadello                 Yonkers, NY                       W 10
Jan 19 Fred Van Neuch               Yonkers, NY                      TK 10
Mar  4 George "Elbows" McFadden     Brooklyn, NY                     LK  8
Apr 26 Eddie Burns                  Youngstown, Oh                   LT  6
          -Burgo injured his left arm and was forced to retire
Sep 30 Danny Duane                  Brooklyn, NY                     EX  4
Dec 18 Eddie Kennedy                Mount Oliver, Pa                  L  6
          -This bout was scheduled for ten rounds but Burgo only agreed to fight six
Dec 21 Pete Davis                   Wheeling, WV                     KO  4
Dec 28 Jim "Rube" Ferns             Erie, Pa                         LK  2

Feb 22 Frank "Crocky" Boyle         Wheeling, WV                     KO  3
Mar 17 William "Spike" Sullivan     Toronto, Ont, Canada             LT  4
Mar 23 Jack Robinson                Chicago, Il                      LF  6
Apr  5 Ole Olson                    Chicago, Il                       L  6
Apr 13 Harry Stiles                 Chicago, Il                       L  6
Apr 20 Jimmy Murray                 Chicago, Il                       D  6
Oct 26 Dan Murphy                   Waterbury, Ct                     W 10
Dec 13 Jack Ryan                    Hartford, Ct                      D  9

Jan  1 Frank Sullivan               Middletown, Ct                    W   
Mar 18 Kid Matthewson               Hartford, Ct                     KO  2
          -Some sources report "Kid Matthews" in "Bridgeport, Ct"
May  9 Percy McIntyre               Waterbury, Ct                     D 10
Jun 27 Billy Rickey                 Springfield, Ma                  LT  3
Jul 12 Sam Bolen                    Bridgeport, Ct                    L  6
Aug  5 Harry Berger                 Trenton, NJ                     SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held; Burgo did not show

Jan 20 Charles Knox                 Johnstown, Pa                    NC  1
Jun 14 William Yutzy                Frostburg, Md                    LF  1
Jul 10 Neill "Mull" Bowser          Cumberland, Md                    D  6
          -Some sources report 7/11/1902
Dec 20 Neill "Mull" Bowser          Natrona, Pa                      LT  4

Jun  2 Charles Hitte                Albany, NY                       LK  2
Jun 19 Sam Langford                 Boston, Ma                       LT  8

Jun 13 Joe Reed                     Webster, Ma                       D  4
Jul 28 Jack Cardiff                 York, Pa                         LK  5
Oct 31 Arthur Cote                  Bath, Me                         LF  3
Dec  5 George Gunther               Cambridge, Ma                    LK  2
Dec 30 Harry Edels                  Boston, Ma                       LK  7

Feb 20 Jimmy Potts                  Hudson, Wi                        L  6
Jul 28 Curly Ulrich                 Superior, Wi                     LK  4

Feb 10 Joe Grim                     New Orleans, La                  WF  5
*** The Following Bout Is Reported But Not Confirmed ***

       Joe Mullins                                                    L  4

*** Photo and much data provided by William Schutte ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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