Nick Burley
(Nicholas Barovich)

BORN   May 17 1875; Austin, Nevada
DIED   March 5 1911; Seattle, Washington (Various sources report 3/6/11 and 3/8/11)
HEIGHT 5-11 3/4
WEIGHT 150-166 lbs
MANAGER George Touhey

Burley was a tough competitor who carried a stiff unch; He was shifty on his feet, fairly clever and game; Early in his career, he simply overpowered his opposition; He ran into difficulty as he stepped up in the calibre of opponents; Those who could match blows with him and had good boxing skills presented him with serious problems

According to the Tacoma (Wa) Daily News (9/15/08) Nick Burley was from Ellensburg, Wa; His true name was Nicholas Barovich

The March 6, 1911 Tacoma (Wa) Daily News (3/6/11) reported that Burley died of a heart attack on Western Avenue, Seattle, Wa; The paper also states that he actually was born in San Jose, Ca and had moved to Portland, Or and then to Seattle; He went to Alaska in 1899 (likely due to the Gold Rush), where he became the Boxing Champion of the Yukon Territory; The paper also reports that he was 40-years-old when he died

Aug 12 Tom Swift                   San Jose, Ca                         KO  3
Sep 14 Lawrence Maranda            San Jose, Ca                         KO  1

Feb 21 Frank Washington            San Jose, Ca                         KO  4
Sep 24 Mike Borgan                 Redwood City, Ca                     KO  1

Jun    Dick McCarthy               San Jose, Ca                          W  5
          -Some sources report "TK 5"
Oct 20 Dave Pettit                 San Jose, Ca                         KO  1

May 29 Ed Norcott                  Honolulu, Oahu, Hi                   KO  1
Jun 18 Jack Marks                  Honolulu, Oahu, Hi                   KO  3
Jun 22 Jack Nolan                  Honolulu, Oahu, Hi                   KO  2
Aug 24 Frank Craig                 San Francisco, Ca                    KO  2
Aug 25 Bob McCord                  San Francisco, Ca                    KO  1
          -Some sources report "KO 2"
Aug 26 Peter Maher                 San Francisco, Ca                    LK  1
          -Some sources report 9/26/93
Sep    Jack Miller                 San Francisco, Ca                    ND  4
Dec 14 Chris Jacomy                Sacramento, Ca                       KO  3
          -Some sources report "Chris Jacoby"

Feb 18 Jack Cunningham             San Francisco, Ca                    KO  1
Apr  8 Jack Haley                  Colma, Ca                            KO  4
May 20 Jim Barrington              Honolulu, Oahu, Hi                   KO  4
Jun 14 Tom Sharkey                 Honolulu, Oahu, Hi                   LK  8
          -Some sources report "D 8" on 6/08/94
Aug 23 Dave Hatch                  Sacramento, Ca                       KO  9
Oct 24 Denis "Ike" Hayes           Spokane, Wa                          KO  6

Jan  4 "Australian" Jim Ryan       Hilliard, Wa                         LF  1
Feb 17 Kid Gallagher               Denver, Co                            W  4
Apr  6 Emmett Mellody              Kansas City, Mo                      KO  1
          -Some sources report 4/07/95
Apr    Jack McBride                Wyandotte, Ks                         W  3
Apr    "Utah" Bob Thompson         Kansas City, Mo                       W  3
Apr 22 Mike Queenan                Armourdale, Ks                        W  3
          -Some sources report 04/27/1895; Some report "W 4"
May 14 "Scaldy" Bill Quinn         Lansing, Ks                          KO  3
May 17 Mike Madden                 Kansas City, Mo                     SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled; The outcome is not known
May 31 Tom Heffernan               Kansas City, Mo                       W  3
Jun 22 Charles Allen               Kansas City, Mo                      KO  3

Jan  6 John "Spinner" Quinlan      Lynn, Ma                             KO  1
Jan 29 Edward McGrary              Holyoke, Ma                          KO  2
          -Some sources report "Edward McCrory"
Feb  4 Jim Gallagher               Boston, Ma                           TK  1
Feb 10 Charles Strong              Boston, Ma                           LT  1
Feb 22 Charles Strong              Boston, Ma                            D 12
          -Some sources report "D 15"
Feb 29 Al Murphy                   Holyoke, Ma                          EX  4
Mar  5 George Godfrey              Boston, Ma                            D 15
Mar 12 Paddy Purtell               New York, NY                         LT  6
          -Some sources report "LK 7"
Jun 17 Dan Sullivan                Spy Pond, Ma                         KO  2
Nov  4 Jack Buckley                Revere, Ma                           KO  2
Nov 27 Dick Baker                  New York, NY                         KO  4
Dec 31 "Australian" Billy McCarthy Philadelphia, Pa                     KO  2

Jan  8 Fred Morris                 Troy, NY                             LK  1
          -Some sources report "KO 1"
Jan 14 Jack Bonner                 Philadelphia, Pa                     LT  4
Feb 22 Dan Creedon                 Philadelphia, Pa                     LT  2
Apr  8 Abraham "Abe" Ullman        Baltimore, Md                        TK 12
          -Police intervened
Jun  7 Lon Beckwith                Troy, NY                             KO  2
Jun 17 "Australian" Jim Ryan       Baltimore, Md                         D 12
Jun 30 Tom "Jabber" Carey          New York, NY                         ND  4
Jul  5 Charles "Kid" McCoy         Troy, NY                             LK  3
Aug 17 Pat Raedy                   Washington, DC                       WF 13
Oct 12 Pat Raedy                   Washington, DC                       KO  8
Nov 22 "Australian" Jim Ryan       Washington, DC                       NC  3
          -Some sources report "KO 3"

Jan 11 John Donaldson              Wheeling, WV                          W 10
Feb  1 Jack Bonner                 Wheeling, WV                         LT 13
Feb  4 "Australian" Jim Ryan       Zanesville, Oh                        W 10
          -Some sources reports "D 10"
Mar  4 Charles "Kid" McCoy         Hot Springs, Ar                      LK  2

Jun 29 George White                Portland, Or                         KO  3
Aug 29 Jim Jeffords                Portland, Or                         LK  1
Oct 11 Tom Costello                Seattle, Wa                          KO  3

Jan 10 Jack Dalton                 Fairhaven, Wa                        TK  2
May  3 Jack Curley                 near Seattle, Wa                     KO  4
          -Some sources report "KO 3"
Jun  8 Paddy Purtell               Tacoma, Wa                           LT 14
          -Some sources report 6/09/00

Apr 24 Frank "Paddy" Slavin        Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada TK  9
          -Heavyweight Championship of the Yukon Territory;
           Some sources report 4/14/02

May 25 Frank "Paddy" Slavin        Caribou, ---, Canada                  D  5
May 26 Frank "Paddy" Slavin        Grand Forks, BC, Canada               D  5
Jun 12 Frank "Paddy" Slavin        Bonanza, Yukon Territory, Canada     EX   
Jun 25 Joe Choynski                Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada KO  2
Jul 15 -Burley refereed the "Dago Kid" Knebel vs Pete Scurry bout
           in Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Can
Aug  7 Joe Choynski                Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada LK  7

Jul 29 Billy Woods                 Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada LK 18
          -Some sources report 8/20/04
Oct  2 Jack "Twin" Sullivan        Nome, Alaska                         LK  2
Oct    Joe Millett                 Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada KO  8

May 24 Jack "Twin" Sullivan        Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada LK 11

Jan    Billy Bates                 Fairbanks, Ak                        LT   
Sep  6 Jack "Twin" Sullivan        Dawson City, Yukon Territory, Canada LK  8
          -Some sources report "LK 3"

Dec  7 Frank "Paddy" Slavin        Victoria, BC, Canada                 KO  2

*** The Following Bout Is Reported But Not Confirmed ***

Jun  3 Dan Creedon                 New York, NY                         LK  1

*** Much Data Was Provided By William Schutte and Ric Kilmer ***

*** Some Data Was Provided By Mac Ross ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization