Dave Hatch
(David J. Hatch)

BORN   1864; Aberdeen, Mississippi
(Fought out of Visalia, California)
WEIGHT 152 lbs

Not much is known about Hatch except he was a muscular fighter who could hit and usually took his foes out quickly; His greatest effort came against Charley Turner and ended in defeat after 33 hard fought rounds

       an unnamed opponent                                         LF   

Mar  4 Tom Johnson                                                  W  2
Mar 15 Henry Smith                                                  W  1

Jun  9 Dan Smith                                                    W  2
May  7 Dave Tutt                                                    W  1
May    Pete Brown                                                   W  4
          -This bout was held during May-Aug 1885
Jul 27 Billy Lynn                 San Francisco, Ca                 L   
          -Some sources report "Hanford, Ca"
Aug  5 Billy Lynn                 in California                     W  6
Aug 20 Billy Lynn                 Visalia, Ca                       D   
Oct 10 Harry Calvers                                                W   

Sep    W.E. Price                 Visalia, Ca                       W   
          -Colored Middleweight Championship of the Pacific Coast;
Sep 18 -Reports state that Hatch had 14 wins and one loss
          at this point in his career

       Charley Turner                                              LK 33
          -Some sources report "LK 22"

Sep 18 Charley Turner             Sacramento, Ca                   LK  3
          -Some sources report "LK 2"

Apr 14 Bert Johnson               San Francisco, Ca                LK 16

Aug 23 Nick Burley                Sacramento, Ca                   LK  9

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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