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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Billy Lynn

BORN 1854 (or 1856); Northampton, Massachusetts
DIED January 2 1902; Butte, Montana
WEIGHT 136-158 lbs


       Bill Harris                Virginia City, Nv                 KO  3
          -Bare knuckles were used for this bout

       Charles Neary              Eureka, Nv                        TK 23
       Jim Andrews                in Nevada                          D   

       Matt Skewes                Eureka, Nv                         W   
       Jack Hallinan              Virginia City, Nv                 LT 19
          -Some sources report "L 19" ; Some report "LT 18"

Apr  4 Jack Smith                 Denver, Co                        LK  7
          -Some sources report "W 7"

Feb 16 Jim Burns                  West Chicago, Il                  TK   
          -Bare knuckles were used for this bout;
           Some sources report "W"
Apr 26 Jim Thomas                 Atchinson, Ks                     TK  6
          -Some sources report "W 6"
Sep  2 Joe Silvers                Silver Cliff, Co                   W 15
          -Some sources report "TK 4" in Chicago, Il on 9/03/82
Oct 21 Bryan Campbell             Pueblo, Co                        WF  8
          -Some sources report 10/23/84

Jan    Bryan Campbell             Pueblo, Co                        EX   
Feb 16 Jim Westley                Leadville, Co                     WF 44
          -Light Heavyweight Championship of the West;
           London rules and gloves were used for this bout;
           Some sources report 2/18/83;
           Some sources report "W 44" ; Some report "TK 44"
       Tom Walling                Leadville, Co                     LF  3
          -Lynn contracted to stop Walling inside 6 rounds;
           Police intervened in the third round with Lynn
           winning decisively; The referee called a foul when
           Lynn kept hitting Walling while on the ropes
Jun    Maurice Tracey             Leadville, Co                      D  2
          -Police intervened
Jul    Charlie Mitchell           Leadville, Co                     ND  3
          -Reports vary as to actual details of this fight;
           Mitchell contracted to stop Lynn inside 4 rounds;
           Mitchell quit fighting after 3 rounds; The referee
           rendered a "ND" verdict but gave Lynn the winner's
           money; Some sources report 7/05/1883;
           Reports vary on verdict - "W 3" - "LK 2" - "LK 3"
Aug 25 Jack Waite                 near Butte City, Mt               LF 15
          -Most observers felt this was an unfair verdict;
           Lynn fell when tripping on a rock; The referee
           gave Waite the win; Some sources report "LF 14"
Sep    -Lynn challenged Waite to a rematch; Waite refused

Jan 23 Jim Smith (or Tom)         Sacramento, Ca                    TK 92
          -Some sources report 1/24/84;
           Some sources report "W 92"
Mar 17 Neil McLeod                Tombstone, Az                      W   
          -Championship of Arizona and the Police Gazette Medal
Mar 21 Neil McLeod                Tombstone, Az                     WF  5
          -Perhaps, the previous 2 bouts are actually the same contest
Apr  4 James Earle                Tucson, Az                        TK 22
Apr  4 Tommy Dyer                 Tucson, Az                         W   
          -Different sources report the previous 2 bouts on the same date
May  9 Mike O'Neil                Tucson, Az                         W   
Jul 25 Charles Burns              San Francisco, Ca                  D  6
          -Some sources report this man as "Charles Burner" of London, England;
           Some sources report 10/20/85
Nov  2 Joe Cooper                 San Francisco, Ca                  W   
Nov 12 Tom Walling                Merced, Ca                         W  6
          -Some sources report "TK 6"

       Tom Turk                   Portland, Or                     SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but not held;
           Lynn agreed to substitute for Tom Barry of San
           Francisco and fight Turk; But, Lynn broke his leg
           and could not fight

Jun 19 Patsy Foley                Vancouver, Wa ?                   KO  7
Jul  4 Joe Knight                 Astoria, Or                       TK  1
          -Some sources report "W 1"
Jul 27 Dave Hatch                 San Francisco, Ca                  W   
          -Some sources report "Hanford, Ca"
Aug  5 Dave Hatch                 in California                      L  6
Aug 10 Jim Camp                   Fresno, Ca                         W   
Aug 20 Dave Hatch                 Visalia, Ca                        D   
Sep  5 John Taylor                Fresno, Ca                         W   
Nov  8 Ed Fox                     Victoria, BC, Canada               W   
Nov 17 Phil Dawes                 Seattle, Wa                        W   
Dec 11 Phil Dawes                 Black Diamond, Wa                 TK 69
          -Some sources report "W 69"

Jul 22 Harry Smith                Butte City, Mt                     W  6
Aug 10 Harry Smith                Butte City, Mt                     D   
Oct 19 Jim Bates                  Helena, Mt                        LK  5 
          -The crowd interfered and would not let the fight conclude;
           Some sources report 10/16/86;
           Some sources report "L" in Butte, Mt

Feb  9 Jim Williamson             Butte City, Mt                    KO  3
          -Some sources report 2/08/87
Mar  6 Jack Lawrence              Butte City, Mt                    LK  3 
          -Some sources report 3/06/85;
           Some sources report "L 3"
Apr 17 Peter Follett              Wardner, Id                        W 23
          -Police intervened

          -Lynn settled in Minneapolis, Mn and operated a school
           for instruction in boxing and athletics

Apr 14 "Black" Frank Taylor       Tower, Mn                          D 10
          -Some sources report 4/15/88
Jul 20 Jimmy Griffin              Minneapolis, Mn                   LK  1
Aug 10 John Cash                  Duluth, Mn                        KO  5
Oct  5 John Anderson              Ashland, Wi                       WF  7
Oct 22 Jimmy Griffin              Ashland, Wi                        L  5
Nov    Tom Barry                  Butte, Mt                          D  2

May 11 "California" Jack Dempsey  Spokane Falls, Wa                 LK  4

Apr  4 Paddy Gorman               Portland, Or                      LK  3

*** The Following Bout Is Reported But Not Confirmed ***

      Pete McCoy                  in Arizona                        LK  2

*** Much Data Was Provided By William Schutte ***

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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