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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Morgan Crowther
(Morgan Crowthier)

BORN   c. 1868; in Wales (Fought out of Cardiff, Wales and Newport, Monmouthshire, England)
DIED (Was alive in 1930)
WEIGHT 117-124 1/2 lbs
Crowther was a Featherweight Champion of England during the 1890s

During his career, he defeated such men as Fred Johnson, Edwin "Nunc" Wallace and Arthur Wilkinson
       Smith                                                        W   
       Cook                                                         W   
       Tom Withers                                                  W   
          -Some sources report "D"
       Charley Hipkiss                                              W   
       Tom McCarthy                                                 W    
       Elly Jones                                                   W    
May    Haysmann                   Bath, England                     D   

Aug 18 Hickey                     Cheltenham, England               W   
Oct  9 Edwin "Nunc" Wallace       Newmarket, England               WF  5
          -Some sources report "W 6" on 10/18/89
Dec 10 -Crowther challenged any man in the world to a bout
          at 120 lbs with 2 ounce gloves, Fred Johnson and
          Frank Murphy preferred

Jan 27 Bill Baxter                South London, England            LT 17
          -Some sources report 120 Championship of the World;
          Some sources report 120 Pound Championship of England;        
       Haysmann                                                     D   
          -Police intervened; Both men were arrested;
          Perhaps, this is the 1887-1888 bout

Feb 27 Arthur Wilkinson           London, England                  TK 45
          -Featherweight Championship of England;
          Police intervened; The referee refused to render
          a decision; Men were to meet again in 6 hours;
          Wilkinson then gave fight to Crowther;
          Some sources report "W 45";
          Some sources report 3/01/91
Mar  2 -Crowther challenged any man in the world to a bout at 118 lbs
Mar 12 -Crowther was challenged by Tom Wilson to a bout
Dec  2 Arthur Wilkinson           London, England                  KO 42
          -Perhaps, this is the 2/27/91 bout

Apr 29 Tom Wilson                 London, England                  LK 27

Apr 11 Fred Johnson               London, England                  KO 20
          -Some sources report 124 Pound Championship of England
May 10 -Crowther was challenged by Jack Fitzpatrick to a bout
Aug 22 -Crowther was challenged by George Siddons to a bout
Sep    George Dixon                                               SCH   
          -A fight with Dixon was tentatively set for the
          Featherweight Championship of the World to be held
          in either America or England but it fell through
Oct 11 -Crowther was challenged by Billy James to a bout
Oct 13 Tommy Merrin               Devonshire, England               L 12
          -Some sources report that Merrin fought "Martin Crowther"

Jan 10 -Crowther was challenged by Fred Johnson to a bout
          Some sources report "Fred Jackson" challenged Crowther

Mar 29 Dave Wallace               London, England                   L 20

*** Most Data Was Provided By William Schutte ***

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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