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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Old Timer

Toby Irwin
(Toby Francis Irwin)

BORN   August 7 1883; San Francisco, California (Some sources report 1880)
DIED May 25 1958
HEIGHT.. 5-6
WEIGHT 124-130 lbs
MANAGER George "Biddy" Bishop

Irwin made boxing a lifetime endeavor; When he was young, he was a scrappy lightweight fighter who was intelligent, had boxing "savvy" and drew big crowds; When he retired from the ring (as a fighter), he refereed boxing contests; Over the years, he officiated hundreds of bouts and served as a judge too

During his boxing career, Toby defeated such men as Eddie Toy, Jack Clifford, Larry Gleason and Tommy Cox

Sep  6 Jim Terry                  San Francisco, Ca                  KO  3
Dec  9 Jerry Collins              San Francisco, Ca                  KO  2
          -Some sources report 10/11/99
Dec 20 Young Lawler               San Francisco, Ca                  KO  1

Jan 27 Eddie Myers                San Francisco, Ca                  KO  2
Feb 18 Jack McMahon               San Francisco, Ca                  KO  6
          -Some sources report 2/28/00
Mar 22 Eddie Toy                  San Francisco, Ca                   D 10
Apr 27 Eddie Toy                  San Francisco, Ca                   W 10
Jun  8 Willie Cole                San Francisco, Ca                   D 15
Aug 23 Tommy Cox                  San Francisco, Ca                   W 20

Feb  8 Larry Gleason              Hot Springs, Ar                     W 20
Apr 19 Aurelio Herrera            Bakersfield, Ca                    LK  8
Jul 20 Willie Cole                Portland, Or                        D 20
Jul 27 Jack Pope                  Pendleton, Or                      KO  5
          -Some sources report "Joe Pegg"
Oct 14 Spike Wallace              Denver, Co                          D 10
Oct 23 Tommy Mowatt               Oakland, Ca                         L 15
Dec 20 Artie Granfield            San Francisco, Ca                  KO  2

Jan 25 Doc Flynn                  Oakland, Ca                        KO  4
Feb 18 Jimmy Britt                Oakland, Ca                         L 15
          -Some sources report "San Francisco, Ca"
Sep 18 Frank George               Oakland, Ca                        KO 14
Nov 18 Billy Gardner              Oakland, Ca                         D 15
Dec 18 Jack Clifford              Oakland, Ca                         W 15

Jul 29 Jack Cordell               San Francisco, Ca                   W 10
Oct 14 Eddie Haney                Philadelphia, Pa                   ND  6
Oct 29 Billy Willis               Philadelphia, Pa                   ND  6
Nov 21 Kid Williams               Philadelphia, Pa                   WF  5

Sep 25 Fred Landers               San Francisco, Ca                  LF  5

Aug 14 Joe McGurn                 Oakland, Ca                         W  6
Oct 23 Arthur Allen               Oakland, Ca                         D  6

Aug 20 Young Morris               Milwaukee, Wi                      LK  3

*** The Following Bouts Are Reported But Not Confirmed ***
Sep    Billy Otts                 Oakland, Ca                         L  

       Fred Landers                                                   L 10
       Fred Landers                                                  LK  9

*** Photo And Some Data Were Provided By Alan Knox ***


Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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