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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Title Claimant

Serguei Lyakhovich
(Siarhei Liakhovich; Sergei Petrovich)
(the "White Wolf")

BORN   May 29 1976; Vitebsk, Belarus
HEIGHT.. 6-4
WEIGHT 221-251 lbs
MANAGER Ivailo Gotzev
TRAINER.. Kenny Weldon

Lyakhovich is a big, strong man with a very good jab and left hook; He has a good "boxing" sense and is tough enough to hold off the hard punches of most power hitters

During his career, Serguei has won the WBO Heavyweight Championship of the World, the NABA Heavyweight Championship and the Heavyweight Championship of Belarus

Lyakhovich has defeated such men as Lamon Brewster, Dominick Guinn, Friday Ahunanya, James Walton, Derrell Dixon, Ed White, Maurice Harris and Sione Asipeli

*** SOME AMATEUR BOUTS (145-15) ***

          -Lyakhovich was a member of the Belarus Olympic Boxing Team; 
       Paea Wolfgramm                                                 L  3

          -Lyakhovich placed third in the World Amateur Heavyweight Championships

       Audley Harrison            Minsk, Belarus                      W   
          -This bout was part of the European Amateur Heavyweight Championships


Dec 25 Igor Sharapov              Minsk, Belarus                     KO  1
          -Heavyweight Championship of Belarus

Jan 30 Alex Vassilev              Borisov, Belarus                    W  6
Mar 17 Sergei Tretiakov           St. Petersburg, Russia             TK  4
Aug 27 Isaac Poole                Miami, Fl                          TK  2
Dec  4 Larry Wilson               Phoenix, Az                        TK  1
Dec  7 Marshall Tillman           New Orleans, La                    KO  4
Dec 18 Donald Macon               Tunica, Ms                         TK  2

Feb 29 Tracy Wilson               Las Vegas, Nv                      TK  2
Mar 28 Everett "Big Foot" Martin  Honolulu, Oahu, Hi                  W  8
Jul 29 Anthony Curry              Phoenix, Az                        KO  1
Aug 12 Tracy Wilson               Las Vegas, Nv                      TK  1
Aug 29 Bradley Rone               Honolulu, Oahu, Hi                  W 10
Dec  2 Derrell Dixon              Las Vegas, Nv                       W  6

Apr 14 Sedreck Fields             New York, NY                        W  8
Jun 16 Ed White                   Cincinnati, Oh                     TK  1
Nov 17 Friday Ahunanya            Las Vegas, Nv                       W 12
          -NABA Heavyweight Championship

Jun  1 Maurice Harris             Atlantic City, NJ                  LK  9

Jan  4 Joe Lenhart                Washington, DC                     TK  9
May 17 Sione Asipeli              Pittsburgh, Pa                     TK  5
Sep 26 James Walton               Buffalo, NY                        TK  8

Jan  9 Ron Guerrero               Uncasville, Ct                     TK  1
Mar 27 Onebo Maxime               Little Rock, Ar                     W  6
Dec  3 Dominick Guinn             Atlantic City, NJ                   W 10

Apr  1 Lamon Brewster             Cleveland, Oh                       W 12
          -WBO Heavyweight Championship of the World
Nov  4 Shannon Briggs             Phoenix, Az                        LT 12
          -WBO Heavyweight Championship of the World

Feb 16 Nikolay Valuev             Nuremberg, Germany                  L 12
          -WBA Heavyweight Championship of the World - Elimination Bout

Nov  7 Jeremy Bates               Nuremberg, Germany                 TK  1

May 22 Evans Quinn                Rostock, Germany                   TK  9

Apr  9 Johnnie White              Newark, NJ                        SCH   
          -This bout was scheduled but cancelled;
          Lyakhovich suffered a rib injury during training  
Aug 27 Robert Helenius            Erfurt, Germany                    LT  9
          -WBA Inter-Continental Heavyweight Championship
          WBO Inter-Continental Heavyweight Championship

Mar 24 Bryant Jennings            Brooklyn, NY                       LT  9

Review courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization
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