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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- Lineal Champion

Barry McGuigan
(Finbar Patrick McGuigan)
(the "Clones Cyclone")

BORN   February 28 1961; Monaghan, Ulster, Ireland (Some sources report 1960)
WEIGHT 124-130 lbs
MANAGER Barney Eastwood

McGuigan was a crowd favorite with his first-class stamina, courage, solid chin and determination; He was a busy fighter who carried a good punch; During his career, he won the WBA Featherweight Championship of the World, the Featherweight Championship of Europe, and the Featherweight Championship of Great Britain

Barry defeated such men as Bernard Taylor, Eusebio Pedroza, Juan LaPorte, Nicky Perez, Francisco Toma Da Cruz, Julio Cesar Miranda, Danilo Cabrera, Clude Ruan, Felipe Orozco, Paul DeVorce, Esteban Eguia, Jose Caba, Charm Chiteule and Valerio Nati

McGuigan was inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 2005 and is an inductee into the World Boxing Hall of Fame

May 10 Selwyn Bell                Dublin, Ireland                   KO  2
Jun 20 Gary Lucas                 London, England                   KO  4
Aug  3 Peter Eubanks              Brighton, England                  L  8
Sep 22 Jean-Marc Renard           Belfast, Ireland                   W  8
Oct 27 Terry Pizzarro             Belfast, Ireland                  KO  4
Dec  8 Peter Eubanks              Belfast, Ireland                  KO  8

Jan 27 Luis De La Sagra           Belfast, Ireland                   W  8
Feb  8 Ian Murray                 London, England                   KO  3
Feb 23 Angel Olivar               Belfast, Ireland                  KO  3
Mar 23 Angelo Licata              Belfast, Ireland                  KO  2
Apr 22 Gary Lucas                 Enniskillen, Northern Ireland     KO  1
Jun 14 Young Ali                  London, England                   KO  6
Oct  5 Jimmy Duncan               Belfast, Ireland                  KO  4
Nov  9 Paul Huggins               Belfast, Ireland                  KO  5

Apr 12 Vernon Penprase            Belfast, Ireland                  KO  2
          -Featherweight Championship of Great Britain
May 22 Samuel Meck                Navan, Ireland                    KO  6
Jul  9 Lavon McGowan              Chicago, Il                       KO  1
Oct  5 Ruben Herasme              Belfast, Ieland                   KO  2
Nov 16 Valerio Nati               Belfast, Ireland                  KO  6
          -Featherweight Championship of Europe

Jan 25 Charm Chiteule             Belfast, Ireland                  KO 10
Apr  4 Jose Caba                  Belfast, Ireland                  KO  7
Jun  5 Esteban Eguia              London, England                   KO  3
          -Featherweight Championship of Europe
Jun 30 Paul DeVorce               Belfast, Ireland                  KO  5
Oct 13 Felipe Orozco              Belfast, Ireland                  KO  2
Dec 19 Clyde Ruan                 Belfast, Ireland                  KO  4

Feb 23 Juan La Porte              Belfast, Ireland                   W 10
Mar 26 Farid Gallouze             London, England                   KO  2
          -Featherweight Championship of Europe
Jun  8 Eusebio Pedroza            London, Ireland                    W 15
          -WBA Featherweight Championship of the World
Sep 28 Bernard Taylor             Belfast, Ireland                  KO  9
          -WBA Featherweight Championship of the World

Feb 15 Danilo Cabrera             Dublin, Ireland                   KO 14
          -WBA Featherweight Championship of the World
Jun 23 Steve Cruz                 Las Vegas, Nv                      L 15
          -WBA Featherweight Championship of the World

Apr 20 Nicky Perez                London, England                   KO  4
Jun 25 Francisco Tomas Da Cruz    Luton, England                    KO  4
Dec  1 Julio Cesar Miranda        London, England                   KO  8

May 31 Jim McDonnell              Manchester, England               LK  4

Record courtesy of Tracy Callis, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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