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The Cyber Boxing Zone Encyclopedia -- English Bare Knuckle Champion

Daniel Mendoza
(the "Jewish Champion")

BORN   July 5 1764; Whitechapel, Aldgate, England
DIED September 3 1836; Horse Shoe Alley, London, England
HEIGHT.. 5-7
WEIGHT 160-168 lbs
BACKERS Sir Thomas Apreece, Mr. Elwood
Mendoza was the most accomplished and scientific fighter of his time; He was intelligent, communicative, a master of ring strategy and defense, and several cuts above his contemporaries

Daniel was inducted into the Ring Boxing Hall of Fame in 1954, the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame in 1981 and the International Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990
       Tom Wilson                                                      W   
       John Horn                                                       W   
       Harry Davis, the Coalheaver                                     W   
       Thomas Monk                                                     W   
       John Hind                                                       W   
       William Moore                                                   W   
       John Williams                                                   W   
       George Cannon                                                   W   
       Al Fuller                                                       W   
       Tom Spencer                                                     W   
       John Knight                                                     W   
       George McKenzie                                                 W   
       William Taylor                                                  W   
       John Baintree                                                   W   
       George Hoast                                                    W   
       John Hall                                                       W   
       George Barry                                                    W   
       William Cannon                                                  W   
       Bill Move                                                       W   
       George Smith                                                    W   
Jul    Tom Tyne                  Leytonstone, Eng           (1:15:00)  L   
          -Lightweight Championship of England
       John Matthews             Kilburn Wells, Eng         (2:00:00)  W   
       Richard Dennis            Lock Fields, Eng             (30:00)  W   

Mar    Tom Tyne                  Croydon, Eng               (1:00:00)  W   
          -Welterweight Championship of England
       William Bryan             Islington, Eng               (30:00)  D   
       Harry Davis, the Coalheaver Mile End, Eng            (1:50:00)  W 40

       William Nelson            London, Eng                (1:15:00)  W   

Apr 17 Sam Martin                Barnet, Eng                  (20:00)  W 18
          -Some sources report 31:00
Sep  9 Richard Humphries         Cock, Eng                             L   

Jan  9 Richard Humphries         Odiham, Eng                  (29:00)  L   
          -Middleweight Championship of England

May  6 Richard Humphries         Stilton, Eng               (1:10:00) WF 65
          -Middleweight Championship of England

          -Mendoza claimed the Championship of England 
          following the retirement of Tom Johnson

Sep 29 Richard Humphries         Doncaster, Eng             (1:03:00)  W 72
          -Middleweight Championship of England

Aug  2 Squire Fitzgerald         Dublin, Ire                  (20:00)  W   
          -Some sources report 26:00

May 14 Bill Warr                 Smitham Bottom, Eng        (1:16:00)  W 23
          -Middleweight Championship of England

Mar    William Hooper                                                SCH   
          -This fight was scheduled but not held
Nov 12 Bill Warr                 Bexley Common, Eng           (15:00)  W  5
          -Championship of England

Apr 15 John Jackson              Hornchurch, Eng              (10:30)  L  9
          -Championship of England

Mar 21 Harry Lee                 Grimstead Green, Eng       (1:10:00)  W 53
          -Some sources report 1:07:00

Jul  4 Tom Owen                  Banstead Downs, Eng          (15:00)  L 12

          -Mendoza retired from the ring and opened a school for boxing
          and similar sports and became a famous instructor

*** Assistance Was Provided By Sergei Yurchenko ***

Record courtesy of Jan Skotnicki, Historian, International Boxing Research Organization



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